Mar 2, 2014

another day, another little job

I think today's task better be to clear off the top of this dresser.  It never looked THAT bad when DJ was using it.  Yes, he had little stacks of this and that but he could always find what he was looking for.  Of course, as I have emptied out/emptied off other things this became a repository for stuff that does not belong.  Like my little fan and that fire extinguisher.  Well, the fire extinguisher was nearer to the bed in case of a fire and he had his golf clubs hiding behind the bedroom door rather than his car trunk when the bitter cold weather came.  I drug them to another part of the room.

All those picture frames were NOT on there either.  In earlier clearing I had found some pictures and family items that I felt should go to his various family members and packed those up yesterday.  I am not, however, mailing frames or glass stuff.  You see the end result, LOL.

There are meds to dispose of.  Also his hearing aid is on there along with some batteries.  Surely there is some place that will take those?   I'll call his service center and see.

Baby steps.  I should be writing thank you notes, and I have done a some already, but this mess is driving me a little nuts.  Address it first.


  1. Hi Linda,
    So glad to see your post today. Just dropping by for a hello and to let you know that I am thinking of you. Sounds like you are really keeping busy and getting the necessary stuff done. Don't be afraid to go outside and ENJOY a refreshing afternoon. ttyl xo jan

  2. I have been wondering about you and wish you peace every single steps indeed!!


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