Mar 28, 2014

odds and ends

I've just been sort of piddling around the house today though a couple of errands were run as well.  Yesterday ended up being a bit of a paperwork day.  Actually I should be working on the guild newsletter now but I am waiting for a column that is always included.  I'll get started on the shell of it in a bit and then pop that part in when it shows up.

Today I got to play with the cordless drill.  DJ sort of "killed" the old Black and Decker one I had asked for years ago.  When it came time to replace it, I just told him to get what he wanted,  as I had not used it in years.  I wanted to move a few pictures around in his room and needed to drill for the hollow wall anchors.   The existing holes he had made were mostly not centered or in  goofy places so I made more after reviewing on you tube how to install one.

 Anyway, there is now a wall clock in there, what was in that spot is moved to an opposite wall and the winter snow scene picture that he always had above the coach is now above the bed.
Of course, this above is where the bed used to sit.  If  you are NOT going to sew then at least you can use the sewing machines as weights!  I am trying to get the fold marks out of the chair mat thing.  Between the heavy tote chocked full of Christmas fabric and three machines, I think it is coming around to my way of thinking.  The packaging said to give it 24-48 hours to let it acclimate to the room temperatures and something about putting it in the warm sun.  Well, I think that just crinkled it up more and I had a hard enough time getting it shoved under the desk legs to pull it out and try it again.  Some day, I'll actually use one of those machines for its intended purpose.

I had shared the next picture on Facebook.    Not long after I had returned from Illinois and DJ's funeral, I asked my friend and neighbor Glynda if she could possibly fashion me a wreath with some of the pieces from two of his floral arrangements.  I knew that she had done this sort of thing in the past as she had some arrangements she had made for sale in the previous beauty shop.  The blue silk flowers had been included in a large peace lily planting sent by a friend and her son.   The grapevine wreath material she mounted this two was in another stylized easel type arrangement of cut flowers from friends in my former quilt guild Hands All Around.  Some it remains for a future craft project if I cannot manage to get a shape made from the plentiful kudzu vines around here.  Glynda added the ivy and the yellow flowers as well as the J for our last name and the kitty.  She told me she was looking for a black and white cat like Skyler but had no luck.  I love it and isn't going to be lovely hanging for the spring and summer months?

Speaking of kitties:

We seem to have gotten ourselves a neighborhood cat.   Female, calico and she has 5 toes.  Sweet cat, very friendly but does she actually belong to some one??  She makes the rounds and seems to head out of the nearby subdivision.   Glynda thinks she might be pregnant and judging by the way she is wolfing down the dry food I put out for her she may be on to something.

I couldn't get her to stand still long enough to be a better picture of her little face.  Like Skyler, they move too quickly.   She doesn't seem to be too curious about Skyler though.  Glynda picked her up so they could sniff each other through the screen door and all she did was hiss at him.

He knows something is up.

Here he is trying to spot her as she is near the bushes on the driveway.   He is back to running from door to door to see if he can see anything, will lay for  hours in front of the door in the sun if the weather permits.   He cries and cries when he thinks she might be out there or if I am out there with her.   He used to do that same thing if DJ and I were out on the carport and he wanted us to come in where he was!!  He does NOT go out.

 Today it is not terribly cold but it has been raining off and on, a bit windy at times.  I emptied almost 2 inches from the rain gauge this morning.  I pulled some weeds while I was out there from the rock garden  area.  That same nettle stuff from the yard is trying to establish itself around the nandinas we have planted out there.  I'm getting out the Roundup once the I know it is going to be dry for a few days.

And lastly for pictures anyway, Susan asked how my knitting is coming.  She had pointed me to the pattern for Mary's blanket having done it up in a soft pretty yellow for a little one in her life.

Mine is actually called "almond".  I did a good bit of this in the car on the way up to Pigeon Forge last week.  Not so much on the way back since I told you I was beginning to get sick.   I've done a bit of my embroidery a few nights this week and have made some good progress on my piece.  Another day or two and I might be ready to continue on with the the pieced elements.  No, I cannot show you as it is for the "What is Your Superpower?" blog hop that is coming up in April.  The preliminary schedule has my featured day scheduled for April 17th.

I have been quite remiss in helping to promote the current blog hop which is Flags on a Stick!  Thearica of Pigtales and Quilts is head cheerleader and as always, this comes from the mind of our fearless leader Mdm. Samm of sewwequilt.  It started on the 25th so today is Day 4 and it will run through April 3rd.  We take the weekends off so you can catch up or catch the Pinterest page for the entrants pictures if you are short on time.  Each hop has its own board. will take you there.  I know I have some catching up to do myself!

Here is the entire schedule:


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  1. Calico kitties are crazy or the most loving, loyal cats on the face of the earth. (I have one inside. Her two sisters live outside on the porch.) My kitties were babies that a "neighborhood" cat had on my back deck. We made her comfortable. She stayed for six months. Then she moved on, but left her girls to live with us. I love your kitty stories. Good luck fighting with that office chair mat.


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