Mar 17, 2014

Happy St. Pat's

Recently with the "Think Ruffles" Blog hop Joan of MooseStash Quilting created a St. Pat's themed moose in a green tutu drinking green beer through a straw for her entry.  If you missed it, you owe it to yourself to go back and take a peek at it.  She has such a fun sense of humor!

Anyway, she asked us to relate a favorite St. Pat's story in our comments.  Here was mine.

St. Pat's story: way back in 1978 the first time I kissed DJ was in a parking lot at Long John's Silver because he caught me with a "Kiss Me I'm Irish" button on. We were not even dating at the time, I knew him to talk to but that was about it. He maintained for years that it was not a very good kiss---and I always retorted that we were not even dating so why would I really lay a lip lock on him? I also had to kiss his best friend from work too but he was married so needless to say, that was just a peck on the cheek. DJ later found out that I really could do much, much better!

I still have that button and though my desk is virtually emptied out as I am getting ready for it to be carried into the master bedroom, I knew exactly which little basket it was in.  He always insisted that I did not go out with that button on and may have hoped that I had tossed it, LOL.  Trust me, I am NOT the only person who is a bit sentimental judging by the cards and notes I have gone through recently.

 It is a nod to my Scotch-Irish ancestors on my mom's side (where do you think I got the red hair?)  if I were to actually wear it.  I have yet to get dressed so there is still time to put on something green so no one feels compelled to pinch me.  Alas, my shamrock socks have finally had to be tossed (I think).  Last year was a little suspect and I had to wear them over another pair.

What is going on here otherwise?  I sort of took part of the weekend off from estate stuff unless you count emptying out the desk and swapping out the file cabinets.  Mine goes in the master, his stays in here next to the computer desk that should be arriving today.  I have to assemble it but that is not a problem until I need it carried into position.

 This last Thursday I got the push mower lesson and mowed the back yard.  I still need to know how to use the weed whackers though.   I spent Friday doing a bit of cooking ahead.  I just cannot seem to get in the hang of my old routine of cooking a meal.  There is so much leftover even with halving some recipes plus the freezer is getting full of small containers.  Anyway, some of the leftovers were re-purposed as a black bean pumpkin (chicken) chili, a small dish of cavatini with the rest of the meat stuff going for meatballs (spaghetti or meatball marinara sandwiches).   Still containers of THAT stuff for the freezer.

Yesterday I did attempt to deal with some of the financial papers but I need to verify that my name is not messed up on the death certificates first.  One line has it Linda married name, then maiden name and this is not my legal signature.  Another line lists it correctly Linda married name so is it just some goofy way of writing it?  Once on my drivers license they had it written Linda maiden name, married name so who knows? Checking into this further is on my list of today or tomorrow "to-do's".

It is not a very pretty day---coldish, damp and maybe raining or about to.  We had two inches of rain the night before but yesterday's low is supposed to be today's high with it dropping down to freezing again tonight.  Spring supposedly is almost here but the calendar anyway.  I am not fond of that in between weather as it is not cold enough to trigger the furnace and then it just feels colder inside.   Yesterday I was  wrapped up in a fleece throw and finally put on my outside sweatshirt with the thermal lining.  Between turning on the oven to make some corn muffins to go with the chili and eating the chili, I finally could ditch wearing it in favor of the apron!  I also made some Tex Mex sheet cake but some of that is going to the neighbors and the rest the freezer. I'm going over to get my hair trimmed up soon.   Just wanted a taste of chocolate not eat the whole blooming thing.  I'll bring the rest to Belles next meeting.

I did spend part of Saturday prepping what will be my entry into the "What's Your Superpower" blog hop for next month.. It was National Quilting Day after all.  I was not going to celebrate by sewing as I often would so this was as close as it was going to get.   A bit of it is done.  I did a bit last night in the middle of the night too------sigh, I was hoping that 2 a.m. wake up call was behind me but apparently not.   I also have a couple of inches done on that basket weave baby blanket I had started.  

And so it goes-------

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