Mar 6, 2014

uncharted territory

Skyler cracks me up sometimes.  I had taken several bags of shoes, hats and gloves over to the Baptist Service Center late this morning.  Once the car trunk opened up I needed to re-load but this time with my quilt show entries that had been waiting on the armoire for months in their own special pillowcases.  Since I had been gone on errands for about an hour and half, my silly kitty was practically jumping through hoops trying to get me to play with him or something.  He may have angling for treat bite #3 too--hard to tell which.

Anyway, he was leaping from pillar to post, couch to couch, bed to bed trying to get my attention.  The pets he was getting were not enough.  Then it was almost like a light bulb went off.  "hey, the top of that thing I can never get up on is open and it is even HIGHER than the dresser!"  Up he went--from the bed, to his window seat to the armoire top.  See that little dot on the wall?   There are two hollow wall anchors up there for two pictures that are now on the mantel.  Skyler was frantically pawing at both of them thinking it was a bug, that wasn't moving.  He gave up and began rolling around up there instead.

.............and rolled about some more till he decided to duck behind the curtain to take a look.   He must have thought the bed was a better bet on this cold, rainy, damp day as he is snuggled up on the throw at the end of the bed.   Look at the cute face, will ya?  He was actually sitting on my lap last night when I flopped on the couch to watch TV with the fleece throw he loves over me.  I could not believe it!  Surely he is not turning into a lap kitty?

It probably won't stay empty long as Lois already told me she had quite a few donation quilts ready to turn in and I already have 4 from our last meeting.  I'm waiting on the numbers to put on them before they get tucked away till we are ready to distribute them.

I've already been able to cross off a few items from my daily "to-do" list but there is one small thing estate related thing that I could do.  Till next time------------


  1. Skyler is a cutie!! Sounds like you are staying busy, busy!

  2. such a cutie and good company too!


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