Mar 29, 2014

stash enhancement

okay, I had said I might share some pictures of what I had gotten at the Mountainfest quilt show and Pappy's Quilting Place in Maryville, TN last week.  I forgot to mention that we had stopped in Chattanooga at Southern Thread, Inc.on the way up.  Garmin had us exit I-75 way too soon so we were winding all over the place to get there.  Marilyn sews professionally making American doll clothes and those cute little towels that you can hang in the kitchen that look like dresses plus she has an embroidery machine now so she needs all kinds of threads.  I just stocked up a bit on neutral toned serger thread---white, beige and gray.  I didn't take a picture of that but I did of the other goodies.

A selection of batiks from Stitch N Frame from Vicksburg, MS

These were the 5 yard bundles from Bolines at Indian Creek that I mentioned was from my old stomping grounds.  The one of the left most likely will become a donation quilt but whether I used the enclosed patterns or not remains to be seen.  I like the prints on the right a bit better and they may possibly in end up in different configuration for Baby R's drag around quilt...............

Because they also go with some of this stuff too.   I had gotten a few cuts at Hobby Lobby recently---that aqua tone on tone up through that dot piece.  I found the last piece in that stack at Pappy's.  I'm sort of thinking a chevron quilt and calling it waves, LOL.

The two Deb Tucker rulers were from Magic Cat Quilt Shop from Knoxville, TN who were vending at the show.  I have long been fascinated with the Hunter's Star pattern and Lois had recommended it.  The Tucker trimmer is for another of her techniques.  See her you tube videos

In the middle is the pattern that I had drooled over in the Keepsake Quilting catalog but they were doing it as a BOM complete with fabric.  I have a big collection of 30's reproduction so I was not interested in that but no one seemed to be selling just the pattern.  Pappy's had it and it is "Aunt Grace's Garden Party"  from Bloom Creek--a 5 month block of the month.  I don't know that Keepsake ever shared the information so it could be tracked down.

The other pattern just intrigued me.  Colorful Cubes with no Y seams from It'sSewSue Patterns.  My guess is that it is done in rows probably vertically but I have not read it yet. One that I wish I had gotten was an appliqued Sunbonnet Sue that told the "story" of her getting caught in the wind and losing her clothing.  Quite cute!!  People are so clever, I tell you.  I don't see it on their webpage but I may have to send Linda C after it or get some more information.

The three pieces of fabric in the foreground are for my Farmer's Wife Sampler.  I know that the aqua and pink piece are part of the "Scrumptious" line from Bonnie and Camille.  Oh you know how I love their stuff!!  The red scroll piece is Darlene Zimmerman for Robert Kaufman "Hints of Prints"  Jane had them cut her some 30's print pieces and I said to cut me a half yard while they still had the bolt out.  All from Pappy's Quilting Place

I've put a couple of lamps together today.  One is a natural light floor lamp that will work much better with the sewing machine.  The other went in the living room, floor lamp with a small two tiered glass table that I stuck between the recliner and the love seat.  DJ always used a torchiere type lamp there because he didn't want the light in the periphery of his eyes when he was watching TV.  If he wanted to read, then he moved to the other couch or read in the kitchen.  If I am going to do any stitching in the living room during TV viewing hours, I need decent light.  When I think of how much time I spent in by the computer so I could see my work, it makes me sad that we didn't do something about it sooner.  If we could agree on what to watch together, he would move the lamp so I could see the TV better but that was few and far between.   Regret that now.

Oh, the torchiere went to live with the next door neighbors.     I was dragging it out to the shed and asked if they wanted it.  They have been doing a good bit of remodeling/spring cleaning.  She said she had one like it and sure, she'd take it.   The lamp I had on the previous floor stand is installed on the office desk and the stand went out to the shed "just in case"  If I don't need it in say six months time, it is gone.  The recliner, I am still debating about.  Stay or go?  Skyler is the only one who sits in it.  Napping in it now, as a matter of fact.   I've been toying with swapping out the couch and the love seat location and it would need to be gone if I do it.  It takes up so much floor space.

Well, I said I was going to work on my embroidery today and have yet to do that other than picking up a bit of floss while I was out, slightly darker shade of the same blue I had used in another area.  You'll see soon enough!

My friend Gene came by yesterday afternoon and somehow wiggled or jiggled my speaker line and got the sound up and running. Woohoo there.  I'm calling him the computer whisperer, LOL but he swears that he doesn't know what he did to get it going.  Maybe tried another port and it worked while it didn't when I tried.  Don't care as long as the music, hulu and ballgames can be heard.  No taking it to the shop either.

Guess that's it for today-----


  1. I love your choice of "neutral" batiks. I always go for brights so I have very few neutrals in my stash. I generally buy them as I need them (or decide to use a bright as a neutral - ha ha.)
    I am glad the speakers are working whatever caused the sound to work. :-)

  2. whew! another busy post, you get so much done! love your fabric selections, looking forward to seeing some of your sewing again soon. I like the idea of chevron waves, clever! my house needs dusting if you get bored, nothing like company coming to get the house cleaned up, right? now with the warm weather it will be pollen dust all over everything, but I am not complaining, love the spring! have a good one and thanks for all your advice :)


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