Mar 9, 2014

Friendship Quilters Show 2014

The quilt show is done for another two years.  All the months gearing up for it, setting up, enjoying the quilts up on display and down it comes in an hours time.  We did the check in a bit differently this time, sort of self checking yourself in.   The tables were set up with half the alphabet by last name on two tables.  Donna had stacked up all the paper work by name----the receipts we kept and the cards that were actually to be pinned to the quilts.

Next we were to take them to the category number tables---100 for bed quilts, 200's for small quilts, miniatures were 400.  Lots of wall hangings so those were also separated out by sections.  

Okay, that worked out pretty well.  Jane, Aline and I stayed out of the fray in the other room and concentrated on getting the quilts piled in numerical order.  Jane and I  knew from hanging the Gadsden quilt show enough times that as soon as you have a road map of the layout (and which end of the building they were starting on) you start stacking the quilts by twos or fours.  We were ready when the runners came in with a list of 4 quilts they were to bring back with them.  I was checking them off as we went so I knew which ones had already been called for AND more importantly, picked up.  Once it left the room, not our problem, y'all stuck them somewhere in there!

The only real snafu was when a couple quilts did not show up and of course, they kept asking for them.  Another gal was later arriving but between the quiltmaker/exhibitor and one of the gals helping her, we got them all checked in just in the nick of time.  

I did not actually see the show until yesterday.  Jane had a last minute family event and I was going to drive and just hang out so I could get my quilts picked up.  I filled in for her shift at the admissions table.   Aline and I left in enough time so I could visit the Country Store, see the show and take some pictures to share with you here.  There were over a 100 quilts so this is just some of the ones that caught my eye.  I missed getting one of the top vote getters for Viewers Choice, a lovely Baltimore Album quilt that was hand quilted by our friend Gary.

This is Donna's and won Viewers Choice edging out the other quilt by just one vote!  It was a Block of the Month from the Quilt Show which year I do not know.  If you saw the video links I posted earlier, then this was one of the quilts hanging in the interview.

Brenda's Log Cabin

Miss Sally's John Deere tractor--- adorable!

Jessica's Sunshine on a Cloudy Day.  It started off life with a far less complimentary name..but I can't remember what that one was now.  I think the NEW name fits perfectly

This horrid picture in no way does Brenda's "Dear Jane" justice.  It is a wonderful quilt in person! Also shown in the TV interviews.

Peggy's President quilt--blocks made by the guild members

Jackie's Civil War Quilt

There was a series of row quilts and this is a representative one.  

One of my Facebook friend's Mary Alice made this one!  

Loretta's Halloween quilt which she designed.  She had other very inventive quilts in the show as well.

Beth's Seasons in a Row---mine stalled out with the flower row though I did do the sailboats.  Cute, huh?

I think this was one done by another FB friend Joanna----can't swear to that but I think that is the case.

I think this was Joanna's as well---isn't it striking?

Not entirely sure whose these two Carpenter's Stars belong to.  I believe the Amish appearing one is Jackie's and the yellow background one is Irene's?  (I was checking in and out and basically just saw the backs!! Also missed reading all the labels in walking through the show)

The miniature auction did not go off which was disappointing.  The guild worked hard (not me but them) and really got behind the project.  The proceeds of the auction were to go to the Lakeside Hospice and Susan B. Komen for Breast Cancer.   A guild decision will be made about how to proceed next.

 I made several blocks for the group log cabin piece though.

While not having the auction was disappointing. moving the show from November to March boosted the attendance surpassing what we had over a TWO day period two years ago by about 60 some people.  This was the third time for the quilt show so maybe word is spreading??  Also the Country Store and Opportunity Quilt seemed to be doing well.  The drawing for that won't be till July, I'm told.

Last night for take down, Aline and I headed back in to the set up room.  This time the chairman had it broken down by the quilter number we were assigned  1-35.  As the quilts were taken down, again by the armful from the runners  we checked them off the list and then put them on the sections of tables stacking by owner/exhibitor.  Once the quilter/exhibitor was satisfied that they were all there and we had them all checked off, they could go.  It was just Aline and I at first so it helped when 3rd pair of hands could help out.  Things to know for next time, right?

This is what came home to live with me.  My friend Kay made this for the Country Store and I told her when she posted a picture of it on Facebook that I would like to have the opportunity to get it!  Well, it was still available.  She has little brackets holding the sewing items on so they can actually be used.  I love it just the way it is!  It is going to be the perfect item for my newly re-done sewing room, don't you think?  

I can't get a decent picture of it and still have you see what all is on there.  I love it!

Well, I still have quilts to put away.  Once I got supper last night and got home after 7:30, I had no inclination to want to drag my 11 entries in from the car.  I need to do a little shifting around to put them away anyway as they had been sitting on top of the armoire for months, waiting for the show.  I had entered my PopStix bed quilt but I already know I am not quite ready to put it on the bed, with those summery colors.  Give me a month or two, LOL and I will finally get to actually USE that one.

Hope you enjoyed the mini version of the show!


  1. Thanks for the mini version of the show! - It's interesting to hear about all of the work that goes on "behind the scenes" - thanks for the insight - ;))

  2. Great job sharing it with us. I fear that I would take everything off the wreath and it would be bare quickly. I see a "Purple Thang" and some purple snips as well as some pretty threads, buttons and a seam ripper. And is that some type of template/ruler on the left? I also see a small straight ruler. Fun stuff.

  3. wow it sounds like a lot of work putting on a quilt show, but it also sounds like you had a good time and the quilts are beautiful!

  4. Thank you for the eye candy. I am glad that your show was successful. I think lots of people probably needed a day out after all of the horrible weather we have had. Have a great day!

  5. Thanks for the pictures. I just love a quilt show. Our guild has a quilt auction every three years and I know how much work that is so I can really appreciate what goes into a good show. You all did a great job!

  6. They are ALL just so beautiful and made with so much love of quilting.


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