Mar 4, 2014

some pictures to share

As I digging around in the closet for any pair of shoes and slippers I could find to take up to the Baptist Service Center later in the week, I found a box of photos directly underneath it.  I respected my husband's privacy and he respected mine; neither of us was about to go digging around in each other's things, married or not. To be honest, it seems very odd for me to be doing it now.    A quick glance told me that this would need some sorting.

His dad was a bit of an amateur photographer so there are duplicates and similar photos.  DJ's sister had a house fire at some point and lost a lot of her memorabilia so I know I will be passing things on to DJ's niece.  His sister died in the early 90's, not long after we lost DJ's dad.  Then there are more pictures to pass on to Tracy, DJ's son.  Some I am keeping.  I got them all separated out before lunch but just picked a few to share.

The year is not marked but catch the haircut.  I think he liked this picture about as much as my dad likes the one of him with the itchy wool stockings.  He knew I had a copy of it but I told him I was not giving it back, LOL.   Think maybe 5 or 6 years old in this one??   There were some cute ones with him with a sailor hat one, playing with his dog.

A little bit older here.  Hair all spiffed back too, maybe a school picture.  Guessing more like 10 or so in this one.

This was DJ's pride and joy, 1955 Crown Vic.  He had bought the car, a year old at the time, from the estate of a young man who had died unexpectedly.  His was a little different than the color photograph in that the pink was over the white and it had a white top.  I don't think you can see the snap of it very well but by then he had a buzz cut.  I have another photo of him that looks about the same vintage that says 1958 on the side of it, making him about 21, 22 depending on just when in the year.   He also has a model of this same car that is currently sitting on the entertainment center in the living room while this picture hangs in the hallway.

Then some of us in the early years.  I can date this one easily as this was my bridesmaid dress when my sister Janet and Rich married in early April 1982.

Not sure of the year here but I do know that I had gotten an perm for some unknown reason---with natural curly wavy hair.  What was I thinking???  The fact that we are both dressed up, it had to be either his or my Christmas parties.

Unknown year here too but it was before I started cutting his hair.  (I cut it way shorter than that and no weird comb over deal.)  Obviously mine was grown out enough to pull up or back.  He always had the mustache as long as I knew him, shaving it off only once in a particularly harsh winter as it kept freezing up on him.  He was a cable TV technician and that was outside work in all kinds of weather.  The last 5 years he worked for the company was as the manager of the technicians and time just drug for him.  I do not recognize the picture above our heads or the couch or remember who might have taken it.

I know I have had our wedding pictures on here at some point so I'll skip those.    What a cutie he was in all the stages of of his life!

I've got a quick errand to run and then it is time to do some more thank you notes.


  1. I love these pictures! You two were a snazzy looking couple. Yes, DJ was a handsome man. I know this is hard for you to bring back all these memories. Know that I love you and am here if you need me or just want to chat.

  2. Oh, Linda. These pictures are priceless! I choked up just reading your comments. I can imagine the emotions running through you as you sort through these. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a find !!! I met DJ only once and he sure has not changed much. Good looking couple !!!

  4. I have only read your recent posts today. I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your memories of DJ as it must be still a very hard time.

  5. Great photos! And what a great activity -- reliving the wonderful memories through photos!

  6. Wonderful to have photos and your memories of DJ. Your progress in the last several posts is quite a lot. Thank you for sharing. Blessings...

  7. Thanks for sharing your beautiful memories and pictures. Your doing it, one step at a time.


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