Mar 3, 2014

after picture

Look a little better than yesterday, LOL?

Don't worry I am not going to bore you to death every time I clean out something or move it around.  This is up to show the comparison.   I DID get it emptied out but two drawers of paper materials to sort through were just boxed up for now.  The rest contained socks and undergarments, more or less, so those are gone via trash bags.  I am probably going to call the donation truck to come get it or at least, am leaning that way.  If it does stay,  it goes on the opposite wall.   I don't need it and it would be far too easy to start  loading it up with sewing stuff.  Not good when the goal is to use what you already have.

I AM entertaining the idea of moving my office desk and file cabinet in there so I have more room  in the sewing/computer room to sew and quilt.  At first I was mulling the idea of moving the cutting/pressing table in there but then I am back to the floor constantly needing vacuuming.  I put down the laminate in here to AVOID that.  Also I would need to get more fabric to skirt the table as at present it sits in the corner of the room requiring skirting on just two sides.  A real set of bed risers would be needed.  The thread containers a new home.  Not worth it.  That is when I started thinking the desk could move---not that I want to empty it out again necessarily.  Doesn't need to be done right away, either.  My thought was that I could find a computer desk that will take up much less space--they have some used stuff at the thrift store, last time I looked.  Maybe that is an option.

I've had a busy day already:

  • to the thrift store with things appropriate for re-sale
  • to the bank---part of yesterday's clean up on top meant rolling up the coins in the change jars
  • to the Baptist Service Center near here with his coats I had carried out last week.  I said my husband had passed away and the ladies there gave me some ideas about what else would be helpful.  I'll go back on Thursday with any of the shoes he had around the house.  Shoes and caps.  I think I know where some gloves are as well.
  • to lunch---Zaxby's for some chicken that sounded good
  • to the post office to mail out the boxes to the family members.  Unfortunately my little pull cart was dragging an axle as I walked in. A wheel had come off, a spring and cotter pin are totally missing.  I may need to replace this or empty out the other cart.  THAT one is loaded up with the stuff out of HIS car trunk and extraneous stuff from mine.  Mostly a wash basin full of golf balls etc.
  • to Pickett's for some canned treat bites for Mr. Spoiled Rotten
  • to the recycle center with the the usual stuff
  • to the library and then home
Did I mention that my neighbor bought my 2002 Taurus?  When Glynda asked her son to find out what it listed for bluebook, he said something to the effect of "That might be a good car for you, Mama"  She said they called her SUV, older than my car, the Six Flags Mobile as you felt like you were riding on a roller coaster. We made a deal and I did NOT need to advertise it, wash or wax it, vacuum it out or any of that stuff.  Worth it to me.  Also the timing could not have been better as she found out her brake lines were leaking fluid within days of the purchase.  

Then the other day her husband was looking for a replacement riding lawn mower.  He found out that his was not worth repairing.  Brand new ones are pricey.  Part of their yard can be done on the tractor but not all of it.  Robert mows for a couple other women as well so he needs a mower.  Ours is a 17 year old well maintained Craftsman but I have no desire to mow our little acre.  (I tried it once when DJ had his open heart surgery back in 99 but then the neighbor did it once after that.  It was summer so the grass dried up by the time it needed it again, he was okay to do it again). Now I would consider doing the back yard with a push mower maybe but not the part that tips and tilts, the spare lot.   I said he could have it if he will mow for me this season. Actually in trying the mower out, he headed off that way to knock some of the weeks down.  The other neighbor next door had offered to help out as well and I think I will ask him to go a little over on the left property line which will make it less of a job for everyone.   Barter system.  I may need a lesson in weed whacking though.  Apparently I have three of them out there, one with a battery pack.

Tomorrow's list is started.  Keep busy, small tasks.  No desire to sew but maybe some knitting?  Baby blanket maybe to keep my hands busy in the evening?  I am going to be a great-auntie this summer after all though a wall hanging and baby quilt are  promised.   Susan at Patchwork Reflections has been helping me out behind the scenes with a pattern she had done in the past, Basketweave in a soft yellow.

And so it goes-------


  1. My goodness, I felt worn out after reading all you did today…… but keep it up, once all done your house will be you …. and that is a good thing. Remember if you need help, John is great at fixing things. <3 you Linda

  2. You are a very busy woman! Sit down and have a lovely cup of tea :)

  3. Wow! You got a lot accomplished in one day! And all I did was sit here and type and surf :)

  4. Bless your are working so very hard! Keeping the hands busy helps keep the heart busy as well. Sure hope you know that many of us are thinking of you and hoping you take lots of time for you, as well! ((hugs))


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