Mar 27, 2014

More on Mtn. Quiltfest

I stand corrected:  I heard from pomandchia  who unfortunately is a "no reply blogger" so I can't thank her providing a bit of background information about the show.   I hope it is okay to share that with you since it is otherwise buried in a comment on yesterday's post.

Thank you so much for loving our show. Especially for saying that it was professionally hung. Because it was not, it is just guild members and their husbands and 2 city employees. Between both guilds we have about 70 members. We love that our show is free that was part of our agreement when we joined the city 20 years ago. Pigeon Forge has been wonderful to us and we form a great partnership. They fund the show and we along with volunteers work the show. Hope you can visit again, next year.

See?  I was so impressed with the metal floor stands and draping and thinking there is no way in the world that the guilds actually own all this equipment!  I know what it took to get those racks, poles, stands and all that readied for a show.  Also I know how much we budgeted for our little Friendship Quilters biannual and then you have to find a place to store it on top of all that.  The ladies and volunteer hubbies/family members DID hang the show after all.  Did a great job of it too!   I should also say that the two quilt guilds DO have names and I saw a display that had pictures of both groups on it.  Piecemakers Guild and the Sevier Valley Quilters Guild are the hosts along with the City of Pigeon Forge---a great partnership indeed.

How about a few pictures?  I realize that I took some of not entire quilt but so I could catch a label on a few of these.  Others on the camera were because a particular set, pattern, or the use of colors I have in my stash might work in my own work.  You know, the way a quilter's mind works, LOL.

First, a wonderful example of a pineapple log cabin.  Will you take a look at these cool ribbons they award to the quilts too??  I bet the guilds have some folks that really, really enjoy foundation piecing!

This one was Quilter's DNA and the label follows so proper credit might be given.  WOW!

I just love samplers and there were several along the lines of this one.  Perhaps from a block exchange with other quilting pals?

Gorgeous Baltimore Album quilt--sorry no details as to who made this wonderful quilt.

I love Dear Jane quilts---see the comment about samplers above?  I aspire to do one someday, like if I ever get the Farmer's Wife one done first.  Isn't this lovely done in blues and creams?

There were several basket quilts back near the donation quilt area and possibly these were some of them or  the basket quilts were separate section?  Pomandchia will have to straighten me out again.  The simplicity of the basket block itself attracted me, kind of folk art-y with a Joined at the Hip vibe.  That this one had kitties in the basket, well, you know me.

An absolutely stunning miniature quilt.  I hope that the pictures clicks open big enough so you can read the card.

This is Mexican Star and a pattern I have had on my list to purchase for some time.  I thought that the blocks were bigger though?  Either there were more sizes in the pattern than I realized or this person drafted them up or down in size to make her rendition.    Striking in many color combinations that I have seen.

A wonderfully done Double Wedding Ring---wow!  Judy Niemeyer pattern??

One of our guild members had received Viewer's Choice for her version of this same quilt, a Quilt Show with Ricky Timms and Alex Anderson Block of the Month. Just as lovely and well done in this quilter's version.

This quilt was a amazing and sadly I don't know a thing about it.

Okay I have Storm at Sea on the brain as the pending arrival of Baby R has a nursery readied in a NE nautical theme.  My wall hanging will be a version of this pattern.  4 blocks maybe depending on size.  I love the red heart pieced in this one!

Ah, hexies!  Lovely quilt

 This was something like "Tennessee Waltz meets the Orient"

Lastly, this was just something spotted  on an apron at the All Sauced Up Store in Gatlinburg.  It was funny though in my case, not at all accurate.  Thank heaven for that!


When I hooked the desktop back up the other day I did not realize that the sound was not working.  I thought that the speakers had died so I got another set and they don't work either. I'm taking them back if I ever get dressed today.(one of those nights)  The only two spots where it can be plugged in are in place. I've checked and double checked.  For awhile yesterday the computer did not recognize that they were.  I updated drivers, still won't work.  There are 6 spots that they could possibly be plugged into and NONE of them work.  The computer just says "you have plugged into an audio jack"   DUH! which one??   Any theories on what might be wrong??? Now it says that the speakers are plugged in and working.  I hear nothing when I do the test of both of them.   This of course, is not acceptable, not with all my music files to say nothing of the stuff I watch on hulu and worse,  the regular season of major league baseball starts days from now and that is how I can follow our beloved St. Louis Cardinals!   I do not want to get a new computer yet nor do I want this one to have to go into the shop right now as I have a newsletter to get out for guild in a matter of days.  Think the sound card went kaput??  I wasted entirely too much time and energy on this yesterday.  I've got laundry, dusting and vacuuming to do, LOL.  On second thought..........


  1. I could probably come over and look at the computer for you. The speaker issue shouldn't take me but a few minutes to fix. I can't imagine that the sound card went out.

  2. I accidentally deleted a comment made by Susan of patchwork reflections so will copy/paste it here. Darn stylus got down too far on the cell phone when I got the note about comment moderation. Operator error! Susan said "wow, a trip to Pigeon Forge, it sounds like just what you needed, except for the aftermath of illness. I love how you critique the quilt show - checking out the poles and hanging styles, reminds me of my construction hubby, can't walk into a building without seeing how it is built. Great quit pictures, inspirational! "


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