Aug 11, 2014

Check in

  I was reminded this morning at breakfast that I had not posted in a week, LOL.  I guess one person besides myself notices those things.  I had my reasons---nothing much to show in the stitching area though I did start on the tree skirt was the first one.  You don't get to see that one as I MIGHT have to count it towards the "3 projects for September" hop.

2nd one, I have not been in a good place emotionally, what with my birthday approaching and going through this year of firsts without my mate.  Rather than be a real Debbie Downer, I stayed away from the keyboard.   DJ and I would have gone out to eat at the place of my choosing,  he would have gone to Winn Dixie and gotten a bouquet of flowers usually a day or two in advance so we had something to brighten our table for about a week.  On the actual day a lovely card, usually one that made me cry and a check for some spending money if I hadn't already picked out something online and told him to give me the credit card.  Usually no cake though he got a store bought one once and hired my friend Marilyn to make one once since she does cake decorating.  We would often have cake at Belles and he knew I would bring some home.  I refuse to make my own and he knew that.   While all that might have sounded a little predictable, it was our tradition; I cannot tell you how much I am missing it.  Missing him.

Not that my friends did not step up because they did. I collected hugs at guild on Saturday.  Yesterday Jane and Terri took me to lunch at a deli near the mall that I had never been to.  Then we went on to see "100 Yard Journey"  the new Helen Mirren movie that just came out.  I ran into another friend in the rest room as we were leaving.  Judy and Conray had been to the same movie.  I think the last film I saw in the theater was "It's Complicated" with Jane and Aline.  DJ worked for a cable TV concern so he got the movie channels as a job perk.  No need to pay to go when it was going to be on HBO soon enough. 

Today the Belles gathered at Cracker Barrel for breakfast which was fun too.   The girls were generous and got me a lovely card and spending money for my upcoming trip.   Jane said I should have birthdays twice a year just so we could all go out for breakfast.   OHHH hold up there unless you count them as the half year kind.   I do not plan to attend tomorrow's meeting as I am leaving soon for Colorado and Illinois.  Got to pack, do laundry, clean up the house a bit as I hate coming home to a mess and finish up any little odds and ends that need dealt with before I go. 

I do have a couple pictures I could share though.  This was Friday or Saturday evening.  I was sitting on the end of the couch not covered with the spread.  Oscar was sleeping too till I got up to get the camera.  I was piddling on the tablet and did not realize that Skyler had left the love seat to perch himself on the back of the couch.  Apparently done without the usually hissing and snarling.  In a way, I think these two are like two toddlers competing for Mom's attention.  If I were to move to the other couch, they would both follow me.  I get up and Oscar definitely follows me to the gate to be sure I come back or whines if he doesn't see me come back right away.  Skyler could care less but he watches what the dog is doing first and foremost.  What goofballs.

And latest Lily picture.  It will not be long and I will get to hold this precious little baby.  I won't be long in Illinois but I will get to see my parents.  My niece/god-daughter and her dad may be coming down from the Kankakee-Bourbonnais area to see us.  My sister is taking me down to Springfield so I can meet her daughter-in-law as we have not made connections on either trip back.  Then off to see Kristine and the baby and then back to Bloomington for supper at Schooners hopefully with my brother and his family if available.    For those of you who don't know, I am the oldest of six kids and have three brothers and two sisters.  One sister lives in CO and the other, in IL.  Two brothers are in IL and the other is in TN.   You would need a copy of the family tree to keep the nieces and nephews all straight.  LOL
I don't know what the heck is the matter with trying to get the pictures to line up right with the text nor do I have the patience to mess with it any further.  Do my best Scarlett O'Hara and say "I'll deal with it tomorrow"   Things to do and people to see.................

I hear rumbling outside so Oscar may be coming in a bit sooner than planned.  I see that Skyler vacated his window seat too and probably dived under the bed.  If you look out one window it looks window, the other not so much.  So far I have only emptied a half inch out of the gauge this month and it was terribly dry before that.  Hit and miss, it was pouring in Oxford when I was running an errand at the exchange.  Completely dry on the roads once I hit Anniston and the route home.

THX for stopping by---even if I don't have much to share.


  1. Happy birthday!! Glad you here. You have a right to be down sometimes. Don't beat yourself up about it. You're doing great. Enjoy your trip.

  2. Happy Birthday!! You do what you have to do. Enjoy your trip and holding the precious baby.

  3. Have a great trip! You deserve it. Before you know it, Oscar and Skyler will be cuddling on the couch. (I will post a picture of Bandit and Fraidy on my blog so you can see the humiliation that the dog must suffer at our household.)

  4. Happy birthday (Sunday)! I sure hate I missed yesterday. Judy said to tell the Bama Belles she hasn't forgotten about y'all. She has been having more health issues. She had cataract surgery today,and is doing well. Hopefully, she and I can get back to Belles soon. Hugs!! Enjoy your trip.

  5. Happy Birthday (Late!) You know, little ramblings sometimes make the BEST blog posts!!!! Who knew you had such a large family???

  6. happy birthday wishes from me too, and SAFE travels to you!

  7. Well now, Happy belated Birthday! Hugs and best wishes for the coming year. What a lovely trip you will be taking. Hope it will energizing for you...sometimes visiting with family refills your love tank! Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing.


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