Aug 4, 2014

finished to flimsy---woohoo!

By the time I quit sewing on Saturday I was up to the last two joining seams.  One at the quarter mark of the 2nd half and the long middle joining seam between the two halves.  I didn't sew a lick yesterday as I was considering if I wanted to make some changes with the left side of the Chevron quilt. I HAD initially planned on trimming it off on one side but................I like how this last corner looks.  The chevrons are sort of floating on the white background.  I mulled it over and mostly read a couple books on the Kindle app instead, did the laundry, walked my dog, played with the critters, anything but sew.  Still, every blessed time I woke up during the night last night that quilt was on my mind. Time to finish this thing up and move on!

I had already trimmed some off of the left side.  If I were to keep it the way it was, and sub out the print quarter square triangles with white background ones then some of it would need to be re-constructed.  OR I could ditch one of the peaks across the quilt top---go with 6 instead of 7 or 12 subcuts instead of 14.  Quilt was a bit too wide anyway so you see what happened.   The top half took a bit longer, the middle quarter less and the last quarter did not need remodeling.

I joined the lower half sections, pieced a couple of the quarter squares on the top and then went to out to lunch.

And finally, the top is done!  I am much happier with the result and did not have to trim away any of the fabrics that I paired up to make a "wave" quilt for Lily to go with her nautical themed room.  It does not quite mirror the right vertical but it is close enough.  Short of piecing in a small square of the adjacent zig color into the quarter square triangle in some manner, I don't know how to make it less stubby on the left side????  Or shorten the right edge rail piece by adding a 2.5 inch square of the background color might work.   How OCD to I want to appear to be?  LOL.  I might try that on another quilt OR here is a novel idea, I could follow the tutorial as written!  This finished about 46 x 68, close to lap size 50 x 70.

What's next?  Well, it will have a special appliqued label on the back featuring some of daddy's art work from his childhood days.  It will be pieced into the backing but I am not working on it today.

I could start on the wedding present tree skirt but probably will not.   I may cut it out tomorrow but I really do need to get started on the September Blog Hop pieces--yes, plural as in three.  I've got the fabric I will use and I know what I am making.  Since I have my trip coming up before I know it, I would be smart if I got going on that.  The happy couple will not need the tree skirt till like after Thanksgiving and hey, Lily is just a few days shy of one month.  I'm allowed to detour!   Once I do set up to quilt, I have two donation tops of my own to do as well. Also I told one of the Belles I would do her nieces' Snuggle Up tops once she is ready and has them pinned.  I would put the binding on for her too but she will have to finish that up.  Those are quick and easy simple lines and won't take long

I still have not made connections with the sewing machine dude.  May try again tomorrow if he doesn't manage to call me back. I'm not waiting by the phone or holding my breath dragging the cell everywhere I go.  I did that for two days and that was enough.


  1. love the colours Linda...and yes 3 projects....wink can do it

  2. I just refuse to use that "sewing machine dude" because he was unpleasant to me the first time I went in his shop. I take mine to Huntsville because the staff there is always friendly and act like they enjoy seeing you come in.

  3. love it! so good to see you sewing again!

  4. Love the colours and your right they do look like they are floating. I've not gotten to doing any quilting but does it count if I'm reading blogs about quilting and thinking about it??? Winter will be here soon enough so I'm enjoying summer instead. Lol

  5. The finished flimsy is beautiful....makes me want to go to the beach because of the colors and pattern. Your finish is perfect...the floating waves on white. I hate to carry my cell phone, too. I am glad to hear someone else feels the same way. Good luck with your machine repairs.

  6. I think this turned out great! I hope you make fast progress on the September projects and do what you wish after those...don't faint, I actually posted something on my blog...and I am sewing for a while today too. hugs


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