Jan 8, 2015

Artic blasts and other home matters

 I am not sure what the official overnight temps were but by the time I looked it said -10 celsius on the outside thermometer and inside, 12 in Farhenheit.  I still cannot get it re-set so the two agree on a format, LOL. My friend in BC told me to double the C temp and add 30 degrees for a rough approximation in F.

So whatever the temp was, the condensation on the metal window sashing froze in my bedroom last night.  Not sure if you can tell it or not by that picture but trust me, it was icy.  Tonight will be slightly better by a few degrees.  Still not as bad as what my Illinois familyand friends are dealing with.

Skyler wasn't letting the cold stuff get him down.  That window does not get condensation on the window as a rule.  Maybe it is just because I am from the Midwest but I have never understood how two thin panes of glass with some gas between them negates the need for some glass to cover the screen!!   Screen all the time on the outside lower half.  Don't tell me that it doesn't get cold in NE central Alabama either.

Actually I almost had a little disaster here this morning as the cold water line in the kitchen was not working.  I had done what I was supposed to do---open the kitchen cabinet doors and dripped the faucet.  When I went to feed and water the critters, no cold water.  The hot was running but taking a bit longer than usual to heat up.  The bathroom sinks both have a single faucet and they seemed to be running properly but those are interior walls where the kitchen is not.  I got out the hair dryer, thinking that was what DJ had done once.  Where do I point it??  Near the shut off valves or higher?  I settled Oscar back in his bed and ran to Lowe's for a small space heater.  The fellow that waited on me said to try it on low for 15 minutes or so and close the cabinet doors to keep the heat in.   It didn't work but I think that might have been operator error.  Did it again with the proper fan setting--still no go.  Googled to see what to do with one frozen line.  Called the neighbor to see if there was anything else I could be doing before calling the plumber.  He came down to see, thought maybe the heater needed to go on the water heater source line, an hour or so.  I kept the faucet turned on.  Said that it might be frozen under the flooring, like down in the crawl space.  Oooooh, I did not want to go there!!  Thankfully when I got back from walking the lane with Oscar, it was on!  Catastrophe averted.  I'm still not going to put all the stuff back under the sink though

Here is another Oscar shot.  I had just washed the pillow case and cover yesterday.  Look who thinks that it is his pillow!  He has his old crate pad for his end of the couch so it is not like he doesn't already have a cushy spot.  Last night I had to laugh at him as he knocked it down on the floor along with all his toys and then conked out.  Seemed happy to me, until I told him he had to go to bed.  Growly dog, showing why they called him Oscar the Grouch.

I had mentioned my friend Terri's husband Frank in my last post.  Frank did not recover from his ailments and passed away Tuesday evening.  Please keep Terri and her family in your prayers.  I know only all too well what it is to lose the love of your life.

However, I did get a bit of great news.  My sister called me late yesterday afternoon once Mama, Daddy and Lily saw the surgeon.  Lily will not have to have chemo.  The biopsy report was such that it will not be necessary but she will have to have followup ultrasounds and repeat MRI down the line.  Thank you, Lord!

It is about time for last "walkies" and the sun is getting close to the tree line.  Supposedly it is up to 32  but it won't stay that way long if the sun keeps sinking.  Thank heavens, the wind is not blowing like yesterday.

Till next time----


  1. You are becoming such a handy women. I am impressed. Another cold day here . Hope the drive to take care of Lily isn't too bad. Hugs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great news about Lily! But not so great news about your water, glad it started working. The joys of home ownership, right? And I am so sorry about your friend's loss. But Oscar, just look at that face! He loves HIS new pillow :). Good to see you online!

  3. That wind was something wasn't it. I kept my cabinet doors open for that coldest night and the tap farthest from the water intake line dripping all night.

  4. If you have a light in your crawl space, be sure to install a 100 watt bulb and leave it on with the crawl space door closed. It will raise the temp just enough in that space to help prevent water freezing. Also be sure to close all exterior vents to your crawl space. There are other measures to help ensure safe pipes such as wrapping, but you can talk to the Lowe's folks about that. Very good news on No Chemo, but very sorry to hear of your friend's loss.

  5. Crappy weather - but great neighbors - and cute critters - ;)) I'm very sorry about your friend's loss - I too know only too well what it is to lose the love of your life. And Lily - so good to hear that she won't need chemo!! I hope the followup ultrasounds and MRI show no further problems - ;))


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