Jan 21, 2015

Checking in

We have been enjoying some spring-like days here in NE Central Alabama.  Sunshine, high 50's-low 60's but rain is on its way in over the weekend.  However, what a blessing these decent days have been.  I think I see some of the camellias buds perking up again.  Also some little stalks are coming up in the area where the crocuses usually appear.

This will probably be a pictureless post unless you want to see Oscar modeling his new colorful dog paw Belly Band.  Yep, they came yesterday. I don't think he likes my putting it on him, growling at me big time.  Lord help me if I try to pull it up to adjust it too.  More growling showing why he was named Oscar the Grouch by his previous owners, my neighbors.  Here you thought it was because he was a "weiner" dog, didn't you?  I am trying to make him say that if he wears his belly band, then he can have free run of the house.  He doesn't and the gate goes back up.  Good luck, you say??

I have been able to send him outside for the past few days to run and play.  You would think that I would have a bit more sewing done but so far you would be wrong.  I am to the point that I could apply the binding to the first bag if I had the binding pressed.  Both color ways are stitched up and waiting.   Maybe tomorrow.  I am too tired to go in the sewing room and hit it after 8:30 and Oscar is in bed.

I did make a decision about my guild challenge piece. I think I told you about that---buy a children's book and use the theme of the book to make a donation quilt for Children's Hospital in Birmingham.  Both the book and the quilt are donated.  Mine is an animal pop up book and I found an all-over animal print that will work.  I'm going to do that Tipsy Tumbler from the Missouri Star Quilt Co. on you-tube but I probably will not mix up the colors, just make a tw print quilt instead.  Just need to find a little time to cut it out.

So what have I been doing?  Oh, who remembers at this point?  LOL.  The days go by.  Paperwork, housework, walking the dog, reading,  Had an eye doctor appointment.   I have also had to try to get the printer to work.  Tax season is coming and that thing seemed to go on the fritz constantly saying it was offline when it was not.  I tried to update the driver.  Finally, uninstall, re-install seemed to take care of it, thankfully.
I had a visitation to go to on Sunday afternoon.  We car-pooled from my house.  Then went to DQ for ice cream.  The place has not been open long and a lot of other folks had the same idea.  Parking lot was a big traffic jam.  Still it was good to see Jane, Aline and Terri though the occasion for gathering was not so fun.

Today ended up being "Binge Cooking Day". The mail lady arrived in the middle of the kitchen detail and honked her horn signalling that I had a package.  I trotted out with my apron on so she knew I was cooking plus she had asked how I was doing.  Janet told me I should have waited till Friday to binge cook as it was going to be colder then.  She may have been right!  I spent about 4 hours in the kitchen with time out for a quick bowl of soup after I took half of the batch up to share with  my neighbors Glynda and Robert.  I think I'm set for a few days worth of meals with stuff for the freezer. I made the following---

  • Homemade Pimento Cheese spread
  • Baked Oatmeal
  • Cookie Brownies---from a mix though I usually prefer to scratch bake--for those days when you gotta have some chocolate.  Other days, there is just not enough chocolate in the world to make you feel better
  • Roasted Sweet Potatoes
  • 1/2 batch of Double Corn Casserole
  • Chicken Tortilla Soup from a mix but jazzed up with tons more veggies (the corns from the other half of the corn casserole, more beans, chiles and hominy).  I had cooked the chicken up last week in the crockpot and had divided the meat up in two containers for this sort of purpose.  The other half maybe on apple pecan chicken salad like Wendy's
  • 1/2 batch of sausage gravy--part of this is breakfast tomorrow
  • small batch of mashed potatoes---might be part of shepherd's pie with some meat from the freezerr
  • Seafood Pasta Salad
I should probably be dusting and vacuuming but honestly, I do not feel like it. The front door is open and the afternoon sun is really making the dust more noticeable.    I don't think there is any chance that I'll go all nuts and start obsessively cleaning.  Ever!  A nice hot shower sounds more like it.  After Oscar and I go for last "walkie",  that is.  I cannot wait to get these tennis shoes OFF.

And if you were wondering, Lily will be having MRIs next Tuesday.  Maybe some answers soon.  Please keep our little peanut and her parents in your prayers.  THX


  1. wow, that was some cooking binge! I hope you are reaping the benefits and enjoyed that shower. Days can certainly be filled with non-sewing tasks and poof! time flies by. Lily is certainly getting lots of prayers from me.

  2. Linda you are right, what a welcome sight the sun has been this week! Still kind of cool but better than cold, right? Your binge cooking description always makes me hungry, biscuits and gravy sounds good about now... mmm heading to the kitchen

  3. First off, prayers for your little Lily.

    I had to look up the BellyBand to see what it is for...interesting.

    I didn't know there was a new DQ. Where is it located? I may need a nice cream fix.

  4. Same here - prayers for your little Lily.

    I find myself doing some binge cooking, too - the freezer gets full real fast - but it's better than having the same thing four nights in a row. And I can certainly relate to the "not enough chocolate in the world to make you feel better". Hope Oscar lets you get back to your sewing soon - silly dog - ;))

  5. After working sometimes 12 hr shifts I never feel like cooking when get home. I need to be as disciplined as you and fix multiple meals on day off. I would love o know what the baked oatmeal recipe is.


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