Oct 2, 2015


It has been a busy week and not entirely a quilting/sewing drought.

  •  I got the blocks done for the retreat and turned them in to the retreat organizer yesterday at the JOY meeting. I'll share pictures of those AFTER the retreat.   
  • I drew up my Quatrefoil quilt idea in EQ and then with the print out to visualing aid me mapped out my cutting directions in a document.
  • When I woke in the middle of the night and couldn't get back to sleep for over an hour early Tuesday morning, I got up and cut the quilt out, sashing, cornerstones, binding the whole deal.   Then I went back to bed at 6 and slept till 8 or so.  Read: till Skyler insisted I get up to feed him.

  • Connecting Threads still had some of the Symphony of Blue fabric left and at a reduced rate though not quite the same shade as what I used to back this little valence I made for the master bedroom.  I had been hanging a couple of towels off the tension rod to block the across the road neighbor's constantly on garage flood lights.  One light is hidden behind a too fall foundation evergreen but the other shines right through the cord holes of the mini blind right in your face.  I thought I could do a little better than that for the nights I sleep in there or it is used as the guest room.  The fabric arrived on Wednesday and I got to work that afternoon.  It is not my best sewing though it does lay a little better than this picture makes it look.  I put quilter's dream poly batting in there which is like a thermolam weight and tried to "birth it"  That has NEVER been a good technique for me but hey!  The light is blocked and it is color coordinated!  Easily taken down and put back up in the evening

  • Tuesday afternoon I went over to the little sewing group at the church near me and marked all 96 of the little squares for doing flippy corners on the pointy section of the Quatrefoil quilt.  Have I been able to sit down and sew on them?  No, but I had other fish to fry or I would have.
I totally forgot that it was the end of the month and I still have to do the newsletter for just a couple more months.  You see, everyone was at their retreat at Shocco Springs when I should have sent out the reminder.  I thought I better wait till after their 3 days away.  But no one sent a reminder to ME that hey, it is due around the first of the month!   I had been piddling around with that off and on for 3 days and just sent it along.

Then there is doing this update on one computer and that backup on another.  I am still trying to figure out how to connect up this notebook with the desktop in homegroup but obviously have left a step out or it is the difference in the two platforms between 10 and Vista.  I'll keep emailing and attaching myself what needs to be printed, I guess, till I figure it out.   Both HP products so you would think it would be possible.

It has been damp and occasionally raining or that annoying spitting stuff.  I walked in it yesterday and didn't get too wet but ugh, the humidity.  This morning it was outright raining and I stayed home.  Little measurable rainfall in the gauge though.  I guess there is a cold front coming in across the Plains as we are expecting some lows in the 50's for a few nights but there is some impact of Hurricane Joaquin too.  Whatever, it has kept it overcast and moist all week, in the 70's.  The temps dropped down to about 72 in the house last night and the air is off as it was not running set as high as I set it.  Nice!  It is a little early to see much change in the trees and shrubs though it is subtly coming in.  The dogwood leaves are dully in color,  The ones that shed early on the lane are doing so.  The kudzu is definitely done or slowed down. 

And there are the usual household chores, critter responsibilities, walking, errands etc that keep me hopping.  I'm always washing something or somebody!   I am more of  a mind to cook or bake, you know the heartier winter type fare like beef stew or chili?  

Some month end paperwork needs a bit of attention so I'll move along now.  That and Oscar keeps coming back in the kitchen, planting himself at my feet like he wants my attention and whimpering because I am not taking the bait.   Not raining now so maybe we just need to walk.

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  1. I never had any luck doing Windows home networking. I finally just gave up on it.

  2. I love your quatrefoil quilt design. Weather vanish blocks are my favorites. I understand about the curtain. That story about neighbors who are afraid of the dark in the country is a tale for another time. Stay dry and comfortable.


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