Oct 26, 2015

retreat chapter two AKA got my camera back

See the first post for the blow by blow details about the retreat.  Such fun!

I made arrangements with Gail to pick up my camera from her in a retreat site parking lot rendevous this morning.  I can now share some of the other pictures I took.  The QOV blocks,  quilters at work and such.

My variation of Independence Square for the QOV block

Tesselated Maple Leaf

The QOV block display

The Fall Block display.  The fat quarters were displayed on another panel like this as we plucked them off table by table.  We are going to do the fall blocks again next year but in a different format.  Make so many, pull out so many from the pot once we are all done admiring them!!

Blocks in progress.  The room behind is were they had the ironing stations set up.

One lady was making thse adorable clothes pin dresses.  At least I think that's what they were.

Panel quilt display

The Dresden Quilt Display

Dresdens and dresden runners.  Aline made a 2nd runner and donated it as a door prize.  You can see the tip on her prize winning one with the blue ribbon on it.

My buddies Marilyn, Jane and Donna.   Aline came in a bit later.   Baby picture display on the left.  

My buddies Lois and Margarita

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  1. Just look at all that quilty goodness! Sure am glad you got your camera back!


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