Jan 28, 2016

Checking in

Belles met earlier in the week so I have some pics to share. Actually, I found out when I was trying to update my quilt documents recently that it helped to have a copy on my blog just in case I had to download them. Tedious scrolling through a whole year's worth of posts maybe but there's the documentation anyway.

All but one of these are one's that Lois finished up recently though she said she had 3 more at home and pinned two other tops. Jane arrived right on time to help while I was taking pictures. I got smart this time and took my notebook that has the bulk of my files on it with me. This way I could log the quilt in, number it, refold it for fitting on the closet shelf and then go back to add the corresponding image. Now that I don't have to rely on just a desktop, my paperwork for Ellen got a bit easier.

I do need help in coming up with the name/designer for three of these quilts. When I was hanging them, Lois and I wondered if it was the Bali Sea Star that had stumped us once before. It is not though. I pulled my copy of Kim Brackett's two books from my home library and paged through and it was not in either one. I think they both used 2 1/2 inch strips though. Maybe one of you will recognize it?? I HAVE seen it before but the name was escaping us.  I like how they form nine patches where the blocks meet, whatever it is.

NOT Bali Sea Star 1

We were not entirely sure about this one either but I like it the simplicity of the blocks.  I think you can see that there is a band of 4 strips going vertically with two long strips below it.  The blocks rotate alternately.  Lois kept the strips in the same family group.  I called it Autumnal Strips or something like that for the paperwork.  Lois leaves that part up to me, LOL.

Isn't this a sweet girlie Disappearing 9 patch?

NOT Bali Sea Star 2
This one looks more like a "blended" quilt so the other pinwheel like parts are not quite so apparent.  The background fabric is low contrast so you notice the rosy pinks more.  I think Lois said she used  jelly roll for it.

Bev is the best bargain shopper and found this pre-quilted fabric on ebay,  It is reversible and just needed to be bound and labeled.  Perfect for a little one to drag around and cuddle up with.

This one I called 16 patches with Stars in the sashing

NOT Bali Sea Star 3

Traditional Log Cabin in a Barn Raising set
(typically you see more rounds but you have to have more blocks for that)

In a recent post I shared a picture of Lois' Arkansas Snowflake quilt  brought me the template and papers from Missouri Star that she no longer wanted.  They call it "Periwinkle" and the template is called the Wacky Web Template as it can also be used to make Scrappy Spider web blocks.  I've got the mini one on the wreath on my sewing room door, designed by Natalie Dawn for Missouri Star.  I still think it is Arkansas Snowflake or Kite quilt as Periwinkle in the Brackman numbering system is a whole 'nother block.  I could show you if you don't believe me, LOL.  Ah but you can call a quilt block anything you want really!

Armed with that information I tracked down the you tube video showing Jenny using the stuff to make the block.    Basically the template is put on the 5 inch square or charm and the excess fabric trimmed away.  Then she used the glue-type stick to place the cut piece on the papers which will help stabilize the rectangles you cut (6 1/2 x 5--8 of them for one block).  They are most definitely on the bias grain.  

However, there was an update to the video as it as quilters were concerned about chopping off their points.  You need to angle it slightly as shown in these two screen shots I got from the video

and then your 1/4 inch seam on from the edge of the background rectangle.   I am now better informed and think I'll use a Mama's cotton layer cake I have stashed away, cut those into quarters instead of getting 4 charm packs.   I associate this pattern with 30's vintage anyway.

We have couple of warmer days coming up so Oscar may log a bit of outdoor time so I can go play in the sewing room a bit.  Today he was out quite a bit but I had paperwork and a to-do list to tackle.  A few things have been crossed off.  More added.  I really need to sweep, dust, straighten things up as it is just plain messy in here!  Oscar attacks the vaccum cleaner so it is best to let him outside and hurry up and do it.  Doesn't matter if it is running or not, he barks at it quite loudly.

Anyway, I would bring him in and he would want right back out.  At one point I know why--  the neighborhood calico was in the back yard with him!!  I had run a quick errand up the road from here and upon my return, I was going to bring him back in with me.  He did NOT meet me at the fence (which is unusual) so I went looking for him.  Well, he was doing his darnedest to get the cat who was seated on the side tray of the gas grill.  She has claws and would have probably given him the worst of the deal but that didn't deter Oscar.  Skyler was sitting atop the carrier in the house watching the whole deal and then tried to peek out the door to see if he could see her better.

I've been trying all week to get some Sausage Lentil Stew made but probably sub out diced ham.  I wanted to make it this last weekend but was missing a few of the ingredients.  That, and some Quick Cheese Bread from an old J.C. Penney Associate Cookbook.  It calls for 2 pkg. of Bix Mix which I am fairly sure is a Martha White product.  I've been to 4 different grocery store chains and no one has it and trust me, there are plenty of other Martha White products on the shelf.  I had made a note in the book that 2 packages measured out to about 2 1/2 cups of the biscuit mix so will probsbly sub some bisquick instead.  I've got it on my "to-do" list.  Tomorrow, I think.

Last night Jane, Aline, Ada and I went to Top of the River for supper.   Each January for their anniversary they run the "Riverboat Special" of fried catfish filets at the price it was 10 yrs. previously or that is what I recall.  DJ and I would often go there for our anniversary, it being in late January.  I told him I was a cheap date and we always brought leftovers home rather than splitting the meal.  Some do that and just order another baked potato or another side dish.   I appreciated the company and the meal treat.  Oscar got a bit of the cornbread but I had the other half of the meal for lunch, just like we always did.

Guess that's about it for this installment.  THX for stopping by----

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  1. Love your pictures! Is the NOT Bali star quilt...is it a cozy quilt pattern? Those are all made from 2 1/2 inch strips. Beautiful work! The lentil soup (and the fried catfish) sound delicious, too.


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