Jan 12, 2016

Meeting day

Today was the first meeting day after a month's layoff for the holiday season.  I saw most of the girls this past week on JOY Quilt Guild day but our little group has a much more hands on approach and the informality on a non-guild.  Read: lots more talking going on!

Lois had told me last week that she was almost finished with her stack of pinned quilts, binding done and everything!  How many did I think I could fit in the storage closet?  I said 10 for now but she has 7 more completed at home.  The girls pinned 4 more and Jane suggested that it would make an excellent comfort quilt for a gentleman for JOY group obligations.  I even found a masculine appearing fabric in the closet that she could sub out and save the more kid friendly print for another Wrap 'Em.

So ready for a mini quilt show?  I have pictures to take of two more that were turned in recently (and one I seemed to have missed for the quilt documentation) but I have to take a wall quilt down and re-set the location of the hooks in the master bedroom first.   Currently, I've got it up way too high for the temporary design wall position and quilt photography since my Kitty City quilt is hanging there now.  I'll share those with you next post.

Traditional Log Cabin in the Barn Raising set

This one is X blocks using a BasiX template for 2 1/2 inch strips.  The pattern that accompanies the ruler show it as a planned version but you gotta love Lois' use of scraps to make this one.  I have the template as well but have not tried it.  You need 3 colored strips sewn in strip sets and then the template for cutting the angles.  Pretty slick!  HERE is a video that explains it better. 

Arrowhead from Anita Grossman Solomon which appeared in Quiltmaker Magazine Nov./Dec '10 BUT you can download the pattern from this link  http://www.quiltmaker.com/patterns/details.html?idx=12909.   I would give the direct link for the pdf file but it would open from here and NOT their website.  Just go download it there if you want it, LOL.

Lemoyne Star using the Deb Tucker Rapid Fire method shown in THIS VIDEO

Arkansas Snowflake but a variation of the traditional pattern.  Lois said this used some papers and some sort of ruler but she will not make another one but did not mention the source.  This Baycreek Quilting template may be it and may not too.  I may give it a whirl though with her leftovers.

Disappearing Pinwheel Friendship Star #3 from Missouri Star Quilt Company though Lois gets the BLOCK magazine the shop puts out too.

An old favorite--4 in 9 patch Zigzag from Quilter's World magazine October 2009

Good 'ol Disappearing Nine Patch but I don't see groups of 4 sections.  Maybe in other quilts?

Skinny Star block.  I don't know the pattern source.  This was has a neat pink ground frog fabric on the back of the quilt.

"Maddie Bea's Quilt" from Phyllis Anderson's Diamond Quilts using Sweet and Sassy rhombus templates from Creative Grids.

I took my embroidery but didn't touch it.  I had a book to look at and a pattern to look through that one of the girls needed some help with.  Then pictures to take, helped a bit with pinning.  I elected not to haul my sewing machine with me.  We talked about having a sewing day in late February and get those 2 1/2 inch strips a whirl again.  Lots of good ideas for those anyway.

The JOY Guild is doing a version of the Emily's Wedding Quilt from Fons and Porter comprised of alternating 54-40 Fight and Shoo Fly blocks.  There is a digital pattern for the actual quilt but also a free download for another version with an appliqued border HERE and called "Aunt Gracie's Garden".  Aline wants to do hers with a larger block--12 instead of 9 inch.  I had printed her out the download since she cannot print and lent her my tri-recs rulers.  Of course it can be bumped up to 12 inch blocks--3 x 3 grid and components finish at 4 inches instead of 3.  On our recent trip to the quilt shop, she had gotten a layer cake and jelly roll of Moda "Dogwood" line which is quite pretty  (see below) and would like to use it for her blocks supplementing from her stash or another quilt shop run.   I'm not doing it though I think it is a gorgeous quilt!

The program at guild the other day was on good 'ol disappearing nine patch.  The president said he was challenging us to make a version of disappearing block as a comfort quilt--they don't have to be quilted, can just be a top but due by June.  That statement sort of morphed into making a disappearing 9 patch.  Figures that is it my LEAST favorite version of the disappearing blocks.  I said I would do Disappearing 4 patch or anything but, rebel that I am, or not participate.  Seriously, do you think anyone would turn down a donated comfort top?  A completed top is better than NO top, right?   Got to get me to the sewing machine first.  New Year's Project is in Limbo Land.

It has turned quite cold and a few days there the wind and humidity factored in.  Miserable for walking but I did it anyway even yesterday when I didn't have much time to do so.  I had a followup doctor's appointment at 1030, the referral to the endocrinologist re: my thyroid blood tests, scan and ultrasound in late November/early December.  I didn't get out of the office until 12 and then had to repeat some of the lab tests, grab lunch, walk for about 45 minutes, walk the dog--by then it was close to 2.   (Return again in two weeks and review the test results/clinical picture.  I feel fine.)

Then Monday evening I was supposed to go with Miss Kathryn to her son's home to watch the Alabama/Clemson National Championship game.  When I returned her missed phone call, she said we were going to Olive Garden at 3 for an early supper and then to Paul's.  I'm not at all hungry since I had lunch at 1230-ish but whatever, LOL.  Poor Oscar!  Out of the crateafter 4 hours for about 45 minutes and then back in there from about  3 to 9:15.  I asked for someone to run me home at half time or it would have been even worse.  As it was, I had to get to bed and he still was not out long.  (Bama won--woohoo--their 16th National Championship.  Roll Tide!)  Too wound up and didn't get to sleep till after 1 a.m.

Today quilt meeting and Oscar was back in the crate again after barely getting out.  He can't be outside in that wind and cold but I can't trust him to be loose in the house either.   Trust me, I was getting the sad brown eyes routine this morning.  Big time!  Skyler was only worried about getting his treat bite though now he is trying to get on my lap and the chromebook is in his way now.  He stomps all over the keyboard if you let him!

Think I'll get a bite to eat and then let the "boys" have my lap or cozy up on the couch, watch TV and/or read by almost due library book.   THX for stopping by-----


  1. I wonder if with the Disappearing Nine Patch if the maker made two quilts at a time. That allows for more fabrics in each quilt

  2. Holy cow you are one busy lady. I love seeing the quilts the group makes, its a real motivator but then I realize I do have to sleep at least once in the 24 hour period.

  3. I would rebel and make a different disappearing quilt top, too! Thank you for the mini-quilt show! Always love that eye candy!


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