Feb 20, 2016

Saturday check-in

Mostly the guys and I have just been hanging out around the house.  We have been blessed with warmer weather this week, the kind of weather that makes you think that spring may be coming one of these days.   The camellia bush has gone to its umpteenth flowering.  Silly thing blooms, gets frosted, and then rebounds.  The daffodil stems are up but I see no hint of those golden blooms.   I didn't see crocuses either so maybe those old bulbs are spent?

I've logged some sewing time out in the kitchen but also away from home on two occasions.

Tuesday I was off to the group that sews at a local church near here.   I was mostly un-sewing since I wanted to re-arrange the color combinations in the No Bake Jolly Bar blocks.  I was also advising one of the girls who was putting binding on a tree skirt she had made.  Margarita had the bias binding all made up and just needed help with the join.   Donna needed some advise on sashing and corner stoning a quilt she is making as a group fundraiser.  Aline pitched in and helped her sew and they almost had it finished up by the time I left--or were well on their way!  I was trying to explain how to pre-sash the blocks rather than sew on long skinny rows of sashing and had them a bit confused as Aline does it THAT way.  LOL  Looks the same in the end regardless but lines up better, if you ask me if you do it "my" way.

Yesterday I went to the guild sewing session.  I got the stack's 2nd stitching on the trimmed down layer cake done and the cutting done before I left.  Aline and Jane asked me to join them but then they got in a planning meeting for the guild's sew-in but I still had company while I got the sewing done.

So off and on the past two days I've been playing with this p.roject box and the master bedroom design "wall" AKA vinyl tablecloth

I've got 5 rows up.  There are a total of 9 or 63 blocks.  If I go down much further, Skyler will think it is okay to go after any loose strings.  I've got the stuff pinned on to prevent his removing them but I don't trust him.  

I'm liking it so far.  I love the red and aqua combo anyway and I really like the yellow spark of color along with it.   I don't like fiddling with the blocks too much once I put them up there.  Move one and then you are moving 6 more.  And then it gets tedious.  If anything, since this technique makes two blocks at once, I just swapped out its pair more than moving them all around.  The pair has the blocks reversed since the block only rotates once.  You can probably see the block orientation if you look closely near the painters tape.

I find it a little difficult to mix up the fabrics using pre-cuts as they are the same 3 or 4 prints or what reads like solids in 3 or 4 colorways.   That was part of the reason why I tossed in little bits of other lines.  You might spot a bit of Good Karma, Lily's Garden,  a Riley Blake print, a Jenny Callo bright print from Connecting Threads.   One piece, I think is a Studio E.    I've re-sewn a few today to deal with directional prints.  I'll probably do the same thing with the 2nd half.   But first, sew this stuff together.  

And sew it goes-----

Aline, Jane and I had girlfriend lunch on Thursday, got my hair cut, went to a celebration of life service this afternoon.  Otherwise it has been the usual stuff round here.  I still need to clean the house but I'm not done messing it up,  dragging threads all over the house.  I'm still not nuts about sewing in the kitchen but I am getting something done.  

Hope you are having a good weekend-------- thx for stopping by.


  1. I'm liking your top, too! And I agree - sometimes pre-cuts are a little too matchey-matchey for me and I like to mix in other stuff. I get that you're not nuts about sewing in the kitchen - I have the same problem trying to sew in the family room - ;))

  2. The weather has been up and down like a manic-depressive this winter. I have seen a number of things bloom and then freeze.
    Glad to see you are staying busy.

  3. She's sewing! Love the patches, keep up the good work :)

  4. I like the quilt you have on your design wall...sweet and simple. I like your scrappy version.


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