Feb 13, 2016

what a week!

It has been quite a week---but I am beginning to think that I might survive after all, LOL.

Tuesday was good.  My little quilt group met.  My goal was to do some cutting of background for a block or blocks we plan to work on come sew-day later in the month.  The girls are going to provide some 2 1/2 inch strips for the blocks but I felt if we are combining the output, the background should be uniform throughout.  I cut enough for 4 quilts.  There is enough for a 5th but I drug it home so I could do a practice block or two.

We were happy to have one of ladies back with us.  Brenda had left for a time when her volunteer position became full time hours for a couple of years.  Well, she just retired and brought a friend with her.  Teresa was able to get away and join us too.  Like old home week almost.  We mostly visited though Lois had a scrappy quilt to pin with Jane's able assistance.  Sorry, no pictures this week.  They all went off on their errands and such while I finished my cutting job.

Wednesday evening I drug the old Singer out to the kitchen and started sewing.  This is the No Bake Jolly Bars pattern but I am using the Corey Yoder "Prairie" line rather than the pattern enclosed in with the fabric.  (Scroll down for that example pieced by Moda staff.)  I was having such a fine time pairing up the fabrics but kept sewing when DUH, I only needed 32 pairs.  I have 40 so was debating about making it bigger by adding some stash fabrics in.  I still might by un-doing some of the ones I don't like as much.  I am not nuts about all the stripe in various colors, for one.  I had pulled some bits that I had picked up at the Lick Skillet guild country store that coordinate fairly well and I'm tempted to throw some of those in.

As I was ironing, the bottom dropped out of the rest of the evening.  I had a splitting headache all the sudden and became quite sick to my stomach.  I've never had a migraine, per se,  but this came on so quickly and quite out of no where!  I won't get graphic but if I were to tell you that I had lost 4 lbs. overnight, you can fill in the blanks.  Sicker than a dog, old wash basin in the bed just in case (white not red, Mom) and no sleep till after 5:30 and then only for two hours.

Thursday, really sick and several naps.  Oscar went to bed at 6 pm and so did I.  Friday, better but still problematic.  I still had a headache which by that time was almost intractable since I couldn't take anything for it with the stomach not cooperating.  Today?  Well, I showered and got dressed.  That's a plus, don't you think?  Still not interested in eating.  Vanilla pudding, toast or mashed potatoes anyone?  At least I could look at the food pictures on Facebook today--mostly.  Oh, Thursday--there was a shot of something with smoked sausage (which I have a problem with from the last bout of this mess) and I think, roasted brussel sprouts (ugh!)  that about did me in !!!

Meanwhile, Oscar has been neglected.  No walkies.  I didn't get dressed for two days.   Thankfully, it was warm enough yesterday that he could spend some time outside so Skyler and I could lay down.   Even Thursday afternoon he could be out a bit so that helped when he was indicating he wanted out the front door, not the back.  These two are such creatures of habit and their routine was definitely upset.   Here's how they look this afternoon.  I WAS on Skyler's right till I went on a search for my camera which I had misplaced.  (I recalled what I had done with it, after I used the phone camera.)

In closing, Happy Valentine's Day.  I can't find a picture of this quilted but it is one of three February hangings in my hallway.  (Joined at the Hip Button Up)


  1. Oh how awful! I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Do you think it could have been food poisoning? Hope you are feeling much better soon!

  3. I think it very well might have been. It followed a very similar path to the last bout almost exactly 2 yrs ago including the headache. We were traveling and I often get a headache (and occ. car sick) then but it escalated. Was sick for several days with that episode too. BTW replying here since you came back "no reply blogger" and I don't know your email.

  4. I hope your on the mend and feeling like yourself soon. Happy Valentines day.

  5. Hope you are feeling better now! Belated Valentine's Day!


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