May 26, 2006

2 down & 5 to go

I have already revised my May goals to just quilt the 7 WTIL quilts that I have pinned here at home. Since I didn't start until May 25th, that may still be a little ambitious of me with just 6 days to work with. As of 15 mins ago, I finished the 2nd of Finn's quilt tops that she sent for the Bama Belles to donate to the Big Oak Girl's Ranch. If you are a regular reader of her blog, Pieces from my Scrapbag, you will possibly remember her posting pictures earlier this year.

But here they are quilted--binding is not done but one of the Belles has already volunteered to do that part so I can keep quilting. Enjoy and thanks again, Finn for your generosity and kindness.


  1. Great job Linda, they look swell...hope you had fun looking at all the different fabrics...*S* They still look narrow to me, but I guess if that's the size they want them, then that's what we make, right?? Hugs, Finn

  2. WTG Finn and WTG Linda!

    The bow tie quilt and the baskets are both very nice! I like them scrappy, and I'll bet the kids they go to will enjoy looking at the different colors and patterns.

    I'm getting to know that corner of your living room real well these last few posts... :)

  3. Hugs to Linda and Finn!
    As always, I LOVE scrappy!
    Jeanne :)

  4. You have been so busy! I am totally impressed!

  5. The 2 quilts you have quilted looks very good - I am fond of baskets too. They will both warm their new owners :-)
    The floating setting for the embroidered blocks looks very clever. I want to try it some day.
    Your Round Robin experiences sounds no good, and I must admit similar experiences, except for the paint that is, have kept me from joining more ordinary quilting RRs. One is not to let the creative muse rule outside the rules that are set and that is how simple it is - or difficult for some ;-)
    I hope your RR turns out well in the end though.
    Give Pippi a cuddle from me, will you ? :-)

  6. well,with your nose to the quilting grindstone there has been no catching you to chat online gf!
    as usual, an awesome job on the quilting of the wonderful Finn tops! I bet you reach your goal or get darn near close.

  7. I wish I lived closer - I would come help you quilt the tops! Can't concentrate on my own stuff these days so have been dreaming over other people's projects!

    Completing 2 is great and how nice that someone else is going to do the binding - or if you are me (I don't like bindings) - VERY NICE!




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