church quilt show pics

These pics were taken when we delivered 80 some quilts to the Presbyterian Home for Children located in Talladega in the fall of 03. That number provided a quilt for every bed at the facility as well as their emergency intake facility some 20 miles away. We sent 25 more down the following year but not enough to warrant a 2nd "quilt show" on the churches pews. That same year a bunch went to headquarters, the Friendship House (the Baptists home in Oxford) and the Salvation Army Battered Women's Shelter.

It was a gorgeous warm sunny day with the sunlight streaming through the open doors. The carpet is a rosy red color so the pictures show that reflected light---everything looks pink, LOL. Hope you enjoy the show!

right side looking back towards the door

from the back of the church looking forward

left side of the pews looking toward the door
The "Amen Corner" was even filled!


  1. These pictures just bless my socks off!!! Thanks!

  2. These are so impressive! I hope you also sent these pictures to your Church's newsletter. Your group should be very proud of yourselfs--quite an accomplishment for a quilt to be on every bed.

  3. Linda, the quilts all look amazing. What a great feeling to see them all displayed before giving them away.

  4. Boy, oh boy, I'm going to echo Pam, they just bless my socks off!!

    What a spectacular display of quilts...I'm so excited I'm all a wiggle!! I just see row after row of goodies!!! Railroad crossings(I see two) and fence rails and diagonal runs of color, oh what a grand quilt show!! I don't think anything will ever change my love of the quilts we made for the "folks", not for the glory but for the pure delight of making them. You gals did sooooo good!!!!

  5. I lost my speech ! What a wonderful show - thanks for sharing ! :-)

  6. What a wonderful accomplishment! I'm sure all those quilts give the children a better sense of themselves as individuals instead of if they all had identical blankets on their beds!

  7. Makes you catch your breath to see so many beautiful donation quilts all in one place. Lovely!



  8. woohoo! glad you found those photos and put them up Linda...surely a wonderful quilt show :-)

  9. The quilts look gorgeous draped over all the church pews!!

  10. Oh Linda, this is breathtaking!

  11. Amen to what everyone else said...simply breathtaking!!

    Great job Linda to you and all the gals!!

  12. Simply fantastic!!!! I had never seen a show of quilt in this way:))))


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