and another one's gone

another of Linda's tops is done--crazy patches with plain alternating squares which I crosshatched with widely spaced lines. I even got brave and did loopy l's on the outer border. I found some leftover binding in the right color and a bit of matching yardage so no trip to Hancock's or Walmart for something appropriate--yahoo! 4 quilted with 3 to go. Sorry, no pictures of the last two. Pippi is laying on the one from yesterday that I forgot to put the label on and the one I finished will need laundered to get the markings out.

SO got to give you something to look at---Amish Wallhanging that I made for a friend back in the early 90's. I still have the pattern and one day will make one for me. It was hand quilted--rough going on that black. As many of us know even machine sewing on black is not easy for ahem, maturing eyes. Obviusly this was taken back when I also did some garmet sewing---not any more!

Not much going on here and I'm just going to go chill out with my sweetie. I think at this time we are watching the same movie but in different rooms but I'm pecking at the keyboard. Catch up with you all later.


  1. 10:53 p.m...Do you know where Finn is???? *VBG* Yup, making the evening rounds..boy it's hard to get out of that old hospital habit..*G*

    Hey girl! yOu're really cooking on those tops! I think you'll make your May deadline for sure.

    Love the Amish wallhanging, and would you believe I have that same pattern and have never made it. I have soooo much "round tuit" stuff..LOL. But in looking at yours, I spied that block I have been obsessing over, and am now making scrappy...up in the left upper corner..THAT's MY BlOCK!!! Yah!!! You did a fantastic job with color choice on yours. Really love the four corner blocks. Hugs, Finn

  2. Thanks for sharing Linda - it's a beautiful Amish quilt. You should be so proud of yourself - accomplishing so very much. Good for you!

  3. hurray for getting closer to the finish goal!!! hope you had a nice movie watching break gf

  4. Gosh I guess I missed so many posts!! What a beautiful quilt. I love it! The colors are so striking!

    You have done much better than I have this month on my goals. I have to revise them when I get back to being able to post real posts. New computer coming..old one died. Anyway, congrats on getting so many done this month, you are contributing so much!


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