Aug 20, 2007

A little morning excitement around our little lane. It turns out the thunderstorm that blew through here Friday around supper time did a little damage we didn't know about. It got a little windy for awhile and over an inch of rain in a short time but who knew? Earlier in the day I had seen part of a dead tree at the park where I walk had been "decapitated" with lots of sticks laying in my pathway that I cleared off rather than trip over them. Another tree downed but not on the house or vehicles was noted on the drive home. Our across the lane neighbor had an outdoor tent blown over and some damage to his fence, how we haven't figured out.

Last evening the next door guy comes over and said he had called the cable company on Saturday. Cable guy told him that this was dangerous--his house might catch fire. This was Sunday evening. Did we have a number to call the power company and talk to a humanoid? DJ did and called it. A limb had broken but not completely loose on his tree in the easement and it was laying right on both of our power lines. No emergency to the power company on a Sunday since we weren't without power. No need for the automated line for reporting this. Power Guy was out here at 7:30 this morning.

This is the 2nd time we have had this happen with the wispy trees between our lots---one blew over about 2 years ago. See that stuff laying on the ground by the truck? That is what is left of the tree our neighbor was to remove. His tree, our property it landed on. Last time though, it tore up some shingles on our newly re-roofed house and the metal pipe that the electrical wire attaches to so we had to pay the electrician to come out to repair it. All he had to do is clean up the log----sigh. The tree that is closer to the road is also worrisome as there are some dead limbs on it but it is away from the power, telephone and cable lines. I think, LOL.

I am back in quilting mode so will not have much to show you for a week or so---probably not till the binding is done on a few of these. Saturday and Sunday it was a 9 block McCloskey butterfly top that one of the Belles had made. Then I picked up one of the tops that Ashley in GA sent us---I have a couple more blocks to go on that one. Too cute with nice brights and kitty fabric at center.

This is how the sampler BOM top turned out though that was taking my attention this past week. I gave up on the "Shasta Daisy" block for now as the sewing was not going well. Since the top was intended to be a full sized bed quilt, I have some leftover fabric. I was having problems sleeping (what else is new?) the other night and thinking about the leftovers and how they might be used. A Puss in the Corner in two colors was dancing through my head too. The things that keep me from sleeping!! Finally I just bailed and went to work in EQ just to put it down on paper and let those ideas rest. Finally by 2:30 I could go back to sleep for a few hours anyway. I have since marked the off squares, probably for something to hand quilt when I feel like it. Not sure what to do in the wide outer border yet but I doubt it will keep me awake at night, LOL.

Next week DJ's golfing buddy is coming down to see us on Monday and Tuesday--this time with his wife. They will have been to see their son who lives near Asheville, NC first. I'll have to give up my bed and bathroom. (Herb sleeps in his van and uses DJ's bathroom ordinarily) Sunday will be house cleanup time so that just gives me this week to tackle some of my quilt stack. Best get to it...........


  1. Yikes Linda, I'd have worried about that limb too...just sitting there on the wires! We had a terrible one ocme through last night and I swear the lightning was going to hit the building!

  2. Good news that the tree issue was taken care of with no damage. Falling trees and their limbs are things I keep on my mind . . . our neighbor has several, planted right on the property line. Murphy's Law says the will only fall this way *s* So I remain ever vigilant!

  3. That sampler quilt will look lovely with your hand quilting in the alternate blocks! I remember what a good job you did on the last one! Best of luck quilting through that stack! Do you have one of the Belles who will do the binding for you?

  4. I guess everyone is having some kind of random weather lately - we've had quite a few "unusual" storms. That quilt is very sweet - I love it!


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