Aug 16, 2007

meeting wrap up

We had kind of a lazy day on Tuesday when the quilt group met. No one really felt like sewing, pinning or much of anything. Mostly it has just been so darned hot down here that is saps any energy you might have had. I had spent three days sewing at the retreat so I mostly filed picture in the album, chatted and took it easy though I did pin one before I left for the day with Theramae's help.

Betsy had invited a fellow DAR member to the meeting so it was good to meet Linda C and help her with a half finished quilt her mother had left. Her mom's pencil sketch did not help but Theramae and I pointed out just where the blocks sat and she sat down to hand stitch one together to use for a guide.

The Square in a Square is Betsy's quilt from the 06 challenge---just in time for me to pass out the 07 stuff but hey, that's okay! Really it is just in time for me to take down to Talledega soon. Beverly helped out by finishing the binding.

The green and white top uses some sports yardage that someone had donated. Theramae put it to good use with this positive-negative "Illinois Roads" pattern. I love the gingham binding cut on the bias like she did.

This little quilt has a story--my mom started hand quilting this bear panel quilt before the first grandchild was born in early 83. It get set aside and I brought it back with me in June. Theramae likes to do hand work in the evenings so she finished it up. Everyone said we should set it aside as a family keepsake but Mom said to donate it and that's what I will do.

The girls fixed a potluck lunch----yum! Pasta salad, chicken salad, chicken chow meain casserole, fresh green beans and potatoes, cukes, tomatoes, broccoli salad, and cream of coconut cake. You know how you often make something to carry to a potluck because you spouse won't eat it or you have so much that you will be eating it for a week if you take the leftovers home? We got to bring some of it home so no cooking Tuesday evening. I put the leftover cake in the freezer though once DJ got a serving and one set back for another meal. The girls gave me a fun card with some spending money--which incidentally was the amount I spent for the retreat costs but I think they want me to go shop some more with that. I'll set it aside for now and think on that.

Since we weren't doing anything pressing at the meeting, some of us took a ride out to Pat F's house---both of our Pat's are building this year but we had already been to Pat M's to see the layout. It was closer for the girls that lived north to head on home from her location so we said our goodbye's after taking the tour and I went back to pin the quilt I had left on the table before lunch.

Guess that's about it...........

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  1. Have you spent that money yet? It will be fun to see what you find. More fabric? *LOL*


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