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My latest finish---Finn's and my blocks with the hand quilted Snowball alternate squares. After piddledinkin' on the computer with this and that the better part of the day, I finished up the last bit of binding. I interrupted DJ's watching some wretched Steven Seagal movie to hold this up--what the heck does he see in those films? There were pencil markings to wash out and it came out of the dryer beautifully---the quilting even more defined and full of cuddle factor with the soft peach backing fabric. I'm glad I re-pinned it. I am a little sad to be done with the hand quilting so will have to find another project to fill the desire to slow down and enjoy the process.

When I was putting the binding on the other day, I found out that I was about 8 inches short of having enough to make the angled join. I was NOT going to take all that off again but thought perhaps there was a bit of that Mumm floral in the scrap bags. Maybe not though as it had been used for backing, bowties, maybe turned up in the Pineapple Blossom or Heartstrings blocks the Belles made for a group quilt. I dug around for a while and then flashed on the idea that perhaps it was with some pastel fabrics I have set aside for Log Cabin Baskets. Nope, but I found a scrap of a 30's print from a past BOM quilt that was just right----I bet most people would not spot it right off but it is there.

Speaking of Log Cabin Baskets---this was the Wrap 'Em yahoo groups raffle quilt from 2005. We were to make a block for the quilt and a block for drawing amongst the participants and I got some of them. Someone other lucky person got the quilt though. (Tickets for the current one are available now on the website---link in my sidebar)
Someday I will make a quilt of my own though though maybe not with the garden lattice stuff. My impression is that it would not be too easy to get the rails and x's to line up. I later made one block in 30's repros to be included in my Pioneer Sampler----I hope to finish up the machine quilting on that one when things slow down a bit with the donation quilts. Currently I have 8 pinned and waiting for me and 7 tops at the church to be pinned. Once those are done, I WILL move onto my own stuff, though I cannot promise that I won't still sandwich some more donation work in between.

And just because I have not posted any pics of my Kitty lately doesn't mean that she can't stay out from under the bed and be friendly. She kept moving her head around so it took about 6 attempts to get one of her face, LOL. Looks like she is just barely tolerating the picture taking to me if you look at those ears. She's doing okay eating wise--not great but okay. Lab tests later in the month to see where her kidney function levels are.
Nothing much going on today. Walked this morning early but that's a part of my morning routine most days. I've got the Brother set up to do some piecing today--a block for a special friend and some odds and ends. See what strikes my fancy after that but it will be piecing, not quilting for a few days. Tomorrow I best get busy on the last round of the row robin since it is due in a week.
I am sure that you join me in saying a prayer for those involved in the collapse of the interstate bridge in Minneapolis, MN. The fatality count may rise and a lot of people were injured or missing from what I am reading online. The rescue workers job is not finished nor is the healthcare workers caring for the injured. Just goes to show that things can change in an instant. Sobering thought.


  1. If you get a chance can you let me know what type of marking pencil you used on teh white fabric for hand quilting? Congrats on the finish!

  2. Congrats on your finish! Hate it when the binding is just a tiny bit short - glad you found a solution. Probably only another quilter will spot the substitution :)

  3. Hand quilting? I must be wasting too much time sleeping. You get so much done. I'm feeling snowed under right now with my stack of tops growing and the two projects I'm working on right now slowing me down a bit. I always seem to be in a rush.

  4. Are the snowballs the only parts hand quilted? Looks great! I, too, would like to know which marking pencil you use since I'm about to mark a DWR and can't decide the best way to do it.

  5. Hi Linda, Pippi is looking good, a tad thin, but that's probably to her advantage. Glad to hear she's eating, even some is good!
    The Ohio Star/Snowball looks wonderful! I love what you did with those left over blocks, and the handquilting was good for both you and the quilt *VBS*
    Sounds like there is plenty to still be done, but I'm happy to hear you'll sandwich in some of your own stuff too! Hugs, Finn

  6. The Snowball is a darling quilt! I love hand quilting, too, and haven't done much of it recently. Every time I read Tonya's blog, I think I should get something read for hand quilting! I love the log cabin baskets, but I know I will never make that setting. =)

  7. It looks fabulous! you mark with regular pencil lead and then does it just wash out? I've never marked other than with chalk so I'd be interested in discovering new ways to mark.

  8. What is they say? "One sandwich short of a picnic." "One card short of a full deck." For me, I can often be described as "Once strip short of a complete binding." *s* There's always a way to finish it and you are right - most never even notice.

  9. It would seem that Finn's piecing and your hand quilting compliment one another quite nicely! A beautiful finish for you both!

  10. You and Finn obviously make a wonderful team. The quilt is terrrific! I hope your kitty continues to improve.


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