Jul 31, 2007

why didn't I think of this sooner?

Color me silly---after I posted all those still pictures of the quilt display, I could have just loaded them in my webshots album and let you look at them floating by in a slideshow. I did that yesterday, after the fact because I needed to order prints for our photo album. Then the light bulb belatedly went off. I DID try to embed the link but all that did was mess up my sidebar section--maybe I should have shrunk it down to fit the existing size of my sidebar??

If you feel compelled to go look at them all again, here's the link:
I forget sometimes that I DO have albums up HERE that contain a couple years worth of our quilts--many of the same ones out on the pews are in the 07 album, save the ones from July that I haven't had time to add.

Thanks to all of you for your lovely comments about the quilts. I look at them all spread out on the pews and visualize a young person who might be seated there with that quilt wrapped around them. I am proud of our efforts but we "ain't done yet" This is only the third time in our 7 year existence that we have been able to spread them out like this. In past years they were mailed off or donated locally in smaller numbers to various locations. It has just been the recent push to gather a nunmber of quilts for the same spot that we have stockpiled quilts for any one year. We don't take them up till we have enough for ALL the available beds with some to spare so the kids don't have to worry about "when will I get my turn?"

I have gotten some questions from some fellow bloggers about what they can do to help our efforts and offers of donated tops and so forth. While we are happy to take those unfinished projects on, I know of another effort that might be a way you can help an equally good cause. I would like to direct you all to my friend Pam's website (formerly of this stash webring) HERE. Pam and several of her local friends in Oregon are trying to get 200 quilts for Mexico by April 2008. I know first hand what an effort it is to get THAT many quilts together and I have about double the amount of people making them than she does! Stop by her place for the particulars. She has tons of pictures of children in Mexico and Sierra Leone where they have delivered quilts in previous years.

On a more personal note, I hope to have the little Ohio Star quilt done today so have something new to share with you. I took the last hand quilting stitches last evening and got a good start on the binding. Then the phone rang---my mom who I had talked to in a little over a week so let the gabbing begin. No sooner did I hang up did I start IM'ing Norma. Those two are leading me down the primrose path, so to speak! I want to do it all, don'tcha know? My mom pointed out the Grandma's Scrap Basket pattern from Miss Rosie's Quilt Company that I believe could be used for a Heartstrings type quilt and Norma's color catcher pieced strings. I had emailed her a site to look at and we were off and running. Then Norma found a picture of one in a webshot album HERE. Between this and the 4 patch stacked posie Norma shared with me a few weeks back, I may have picked out part of my upcoming birthday present, LOL.

Sorry for the pictureless post but there are plenty to be seen in the previous 4 posts, so maybe I'm not all that sorry after all, LOL. Have a great day in whatever you chose to do...........


  1. The slideshow is great, Linda. I hope you don't mind if I share it with my local quilting buddies. They will love to see it!

  2. We are bad for one another--we will never live long enough to make all the quilts that we want! The inspiration flows like water when we get together! Thanks for the wonderful chats and all the patterns you have shared! I need to retire!

  3. Thanks for the plug re: Mexico '08. Yes, 200 is a lofty goal...but my motto has always been "aim high" when it comes to providing for those precious children.

    Ohio Star...almost done! whoo hoo!!!


  4. I am in awe of the quilt display. The sweetest display of eye-candy I've seen in a very long time. God bless you and everyone who made even a single stitch in any of the quilts.

  5. Linda the quilts are just beautiful and I really enjoyed seeing every singe one. What a great way to display them. That was a beautiful sea of color.


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