Jul 10, 2007

this and that on a Tuesday

I think I had a day like Pam described in her post as far as productivity yesterday. A little of little odds and ends were tended to.

  • First off, I recovered my little under the desk footstool again. I found this piece of tapestry in the Christmas fabric basket and hopefully it will wear a little better than the cotton stuff I put on last time. I stuck down the batting this time with double stick carpet tape. The corners aren't the neatest but it beats the way it did look! See the kitties on there and snowmen too--two fav motifs.

  • Put some elastic back in a bow and garter thing for a basket of hair brushes and doodads that sits in the bathroom

  • Pressed and wound up 6 quilts worth of binding--ugh but necessary

  • Trimmed down those 28 HST squares from the snowballs from Sunday--3 1/2 unfinished so little Churn Dash blocks might be cute?

  • Marked a heart motif in the snowball blocks---might hand quilt them and live to regret seaming that one white block

  • Started the hand finishing on the binding on THIS quilt---since it is a girl quilt, there was no rush though the top has been quilted for some time.

  • Load of laundry and pot of vegetable beef barley soup for lunch

Here is Pippi catching the last bit of afternoon sun. We had a band of high wind and rain come blasting through here just minutes after I got home from our quilt meeting today. The sirens were going off when I was about half way home but no local news about what was happening. The skies looked ominous and the cloud formations looked worse and worse the closer I drove to home. I had to wonder if we had tornado warnings but DJ said not. We got about an inch of rain in less than an hour and then it cleared up leaving Pippi her sun patch.

Here are a couple of the quilt from the meeting today. Lois made this little cutie for a friend of her mom's who just had a little girl. Knowing that it was going to the little one soon I took the picture, clips and unfinished binding and all. The bear motifs were made on her embroidery machine. Just a sweet little quilt, I thought.

This is an adapted BQ top--we resized the pattern to use 9 inch finished squares of the focus fabric. Lois pieced this one as well. I love the black check binding on this one. We had to laugh when Pat said that she knew that it was a car print but from where she was sewing it looked like fish instead especially on that bright blue background.

I pinned 5 quilts today till I emptied off the batting roll. We have more but it was in storage at one of the girls homes and she had a previous obligation. That was okay though---I had enough! Theramae had been helping me but left early as she was not feeling well-- I just kept plugging with some intermittent help from the others. Lois had her machine and was looking for something to work on---I remembered that we had a bunch of 5 inch squares leftover from some Puss in the Corner blocks "Billie Lauder style" and got her started on those. Janet was working on a quilt from "Still Stripping" called "Crossing Pathways". She said she had made a mistake on the blocks but made it consistently on her blocks so it was her own version. We put our heads together for block setting opinions and how it might be quilted. Pat was putting borders on a Marsha McCloskey style butterfly quilt--from "Quilts for Katie Rose" I believe. Aline would have been sewing but left without her sewing machine foot--oops! She helped me pin for a bit instead. She had been sewing a lot at home so we just figured she could use the break.

Betsy had another meeting in the morning but came to quilt group from there. She had a Quilt of Valor that had just returned from a TX quilter to trim and finish the binding but also had this top made. I am pretty sure that the pattern is called "Star Daze" (I have a quilt made from it in pastel-ish fabrics done in a quilt class several years ago) I love the vibrant colors in this one as much as I love my version though. She said it might be a raffle quilt for DAR or will also be a Quilt of Valor. The quilt is done as 9 patches with the stars pieced in and then the edges of the quilt are filled in with the properly sequenced colors to complete it.

Since I now have 9 quilts in my pinned stack, you will know where to find me this next week or so. Three of them are definitely heading out of the Boys Ranch -- those are on the fast track and need to be done by month's end. The others can wait a bit longer.

And so it goes in my little corner of the world.........


  1. Those little things are not usually the fun things,but they need doing, and now they are behind you now. Your group certainly does some great quilts.

  2. Didn't you just recover that stool? Seems to me it wasn't too long ago???

    I wish I was as good as you are at getting quilts quilted...I have several tops ready but just can't get the hang of it.! Drats and double drats!


  3. Your stool looks great. Isn't it nice to have a this and that day once in a while? Sometimes doing a lot of little projects really makes you feel like you've accomplished a lot.

  4. That Quilt of Valor is stunning. So striking :)

  5. All fabulous quilts! I am realizing that I am going to miss the Boys Ranch quilts huh? I'm gonna finish the tops and still send them and you can send them to whoever needs them!.

    Love all the quilts, you guys really do get a lot done when you all chip in together!


  6. As always - I just love the quilts. Pippi looks so pleased to be catching the last warmth of the sun - I would, too *s*

  7. Great job with all the things accomplished at quilt group! And doesn't it feel good sometimes to just take care of those odds and ends around the house?? I get in those moods also.
    Glad there was NO tornado, scary to have the winds blow like that tho. Pippi looks like she is feeling much better...I hope so!! Hugs, Finn

  8. I love the last quilt, the star one. Someone did a great job with the colors. I hate winds. Glad you didn't have a tornado. Pippi looks like a very smart cat!


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