Jul 15, 2007

It's raining again this morning---enough to keep DJ home from the golf course and make me want to dive back in bed. I probably won't but the possibility is there. With the rain falling, I'll take this as one of my day's off from walking but am up anyway. Sleep was eluding me since 4:30 but I think that is part of that summer internal alarm clock thing. Nice and peaceful---little car traffic since it is Sunday, birds chirping, neighbors must be sleeping in.

Here is the official portrait of the Framed 4 patch on point. I finished up the binding on Wednesday. Judy dropped off the batting roll so I ran it and the quilt over to the meeting place to take the picture. The blocks were donated by Nancy. There were others in brights that made their way into their own top that Ginny quilted a few months back but the pinks and browns needed their own dedicated top, I thought. Reminds me of Neopolitan Ice cream with that soft pink background.

I've been busy quilting since Thursday afternoon and have 4 tops done---one of Lois' that she could not get to, my Beetle top, Bowtie top and a red crazy patch whole cloth. 3 of those are definitely going to the Boys Ranch--the red one not so sure (girlie??). Lois will get hers back to bind and Pat has volunteered to take a couple of them. I'll do the Beetle one myself for a handwork project over the next week.

Other than that, I have pretty much been chained to the sewing machine quilting. Woman on a mission, after all. Computer access has been limited by the quilting set up or I am so butt and back weary that I don't feel like sitting to read. I am so far behind on blog reading/commenting again. As Patti mentioned in her blog yesterday, you have to make a choice---sew or be on the computer. I can either talk about quilting or actually do it but not both. We had friends over for dinner on Friday evening so preparing for that provided a little break in the action. DJ commented later that he had not seen me sit down and do nothing in the living room for that long a time in awhile. He's right.
I thought I would post the picture of my pastel-ish "Star Trip" quilt--same pattern as the QOV top Betsy made in my last post. I was wrong about the pattern name---I am always want to call this Star Daze for some reason! It is a J. J. Stitches and Co. pattern (Sun Prairie, WI designer) and the quilt minus borders is 54 x 72. One of the few quilts I have ever made that came completely from a quilt shop with fabrics purchased specifically for this quilt all in one sitting. Everything, but the binding that is. That took a run to Hancock's for something waaaaaaay after the fact. Usually I am pulling something from my stash to use in any quilt I make for at least part of it anyway. Also it is rare because it is a quilt for me, made by me----only me, not anyone else. LOL, I have never used it, not even for a couch throw or nap quilt. Silly, huh?
Everytime I look at this thing I am reminded of a car mishap I had the same day. I had started the quilt top with Marge LaBenne at a class at Quiltmaker's Workshop in Trussville, AL back in about 2000. It was late in the evening, pouring down rain and we attendees had pulled our cars up a little closer to the door to load up our machines and such. I backed in up to the curb and loaded up without too much problem but the windows immediately fogged up. I needed to move out to allow another driver access to the door but as I pulled away---crash--right into a light pole with front end of the car---front fender was creased but good and no favors to the hood either. I had planned on staying overnight with a friend in the area but missed connections with her. The quilt shop was located right behind a Hampton Inn so I checked in for the night. Then I had to call my husband and tell him where I was since my plans had changed and what I had done. "Why/how did you do that?" Uh, they call it an accident for a reason, DJ. I could not visit that shop without looking for red paint from my poor little Mirage.
5 pinned tops remain in my stack so you know where to find me---I think one of the Ohio Stars from last week today plus get groceries at some point today.


  1. Good grief girl! I was about to call you...looked for you all day yesterday but you were a no-show...now I know where you were and what you were doing. For a while I wondered if you were going to pull a Muriel/Pam trip and show up on my front door step!

    I think your/Nancy's quilt is a perfect Neapolitan Ice Cream quilt!!!


  2. They are both so pretty, very girly type quilts. Its raining here in GA, too, and I shall soon go upstairs and get to sewing. I think I'm caught up on blogging for now...gonna make that choice and sew!

  3. Love your quilt. Your choice of colors is great...makes me think of sherbet.

  4. Even with the accident, it still is a lovely quilt . . . and it came equipped with a memory *s*

  5. Hi! I just discovered your blog.I liked your featured quilt. It does look like neopolitan ice cream.I don't quilt myself,but I do other crafts and I'm always interested in learning about new things.
    The artistry shown in quilts always amazes me.Last year a museum here in Florida hosted an exhibition of quilts from the Shelburn Museum in Vermont. They were quite intricate and very beautiful. Each quilt came with a story.It was one of the best exhibitions I've been to.
    As for me, I work in a library and have a fat orange cat named Muffin. We share a blog. Come visit us.

  6. Even though it's a not so nice memory, it's still a story to go along with the quilt! Just lovely!

  7. Hi Linda! The photos came -- thanks so much! I'm looking forward to seeing all the quilts at church. That was so impressive last year! I sent a pkg to Ellen the other day, so I'm officially up and running with WTIL.

  8. Luckily I don't work so I can both sew and be on the computer! I usually take my breaks from piecing or quilting at the computer. Of course, I could use the break time for exercise...

  9. Hmm it is a small world - you are from central Illinois where I now live, but guess what else???? I once spent a week volunteering at Big Oak Ranch....!


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