stashbusting my way to another top

Hot off the press--the top using the leftover blocks and yardage that Finn sent. I showed the 12 blocks I sashed and cornerstoned in yesterday's post. I had the 4 Ohio Star blocks done yesterday and today worked on the snowballs. I had pulled some greens out of my stash for a few star tips; when I went to put them away, I noticed a piece of peach colored tone on tone that might go with the blocks---5 of the block had a hint of orange or coral so it looked like a good choice. The white on white is the same piece I used for the sashing on yesterday's Ohio Star top but actually it is leftover yardage from those SEC quilts I was commissioned to make last fall. I did not want to cut another strip for just one block so I seamed the white on the bottom block from the end fold. Seems like someone is always wanting blocks WOW . My stock is low so I still have a strip about 14 wide by 90 long for another use. Not sure where that peach piece came from but there is are only a few bits of it left for the strip boxes.

I stitched up the cutaways from the diagonally flipped corners for the snowball blocks so have a nice pile of HST's to trim down for something----maybe include them in the orphan block pile I came up with when I was cleaning last weekend. A green floral Debbie Mumm print with white lilies of the valley I had intended for binding on another quilt a couple years back has finally found an appropriate quilt. Plus I had enough of a green scribble on white background leftover from a Hancock's closing sale purchase to use for the backing.

There were some pretty 4 1/2 inch squares left that were cut for block centers and some background fabric left but I'll set those aside for another use. Nine patches or something ?

Done stitching for the day----


  1. What a cute top! Congrats on the finish.

  2. Nice quilt! Congratulations on some fatastic stash busting!

  3. Wow, that turned out as if it were planned to be that way instead of something made of leftovers. Great job.

  4. Stashbusting can bring out some great quilts. Love it *s*

  5. I am sure that Finn would be pleased to see her donation put to such productive use! Well done!

  6. Yes awesome stash busting! It's fun, too, right?!

  7. Finn is very happy to see all the parts of her donation put to such productive use..*VBS* Great job on this one too! Very creative way to use that leftovers stuff. And it looks like it was planned. Hugs, Finn


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