Jul 22, 2007

quilting--the slow way

I was about ready to start binding our Heartstrings quilt yesterday but then realized that I needed to print up a special label for it. Since the ink needed to set up and so forth, I opted to machine quilt the little Ohio Star quilt (some of Finn's blocks and some blocks I made with Finn's fabric and/or my stash). I started hand quilting the heart motif last evening. I enjoy hand quilting but really don't get much time to do it anymore---not when there are quilts to get done for donation. Well, this is one too but since I know we have enough to take to the Boys Ranch, the biggest push is about over. I am having fun with this!! Even better, no seams to deal with. I could totally see doing a whole cloth quilt.

For years I did not machine quilt and resisted it like crazy. I like the looks of hand quilting best for my own quilts but who has the time? When Joy and I got started making them for WTIL and she was getting stuck doing mine too, it was definitely time to bite the bullet. So sometime in 2000 I learned how. I still do not like to free motion. I don't like a quilt to be stippled within an inch of it's life either--not for kids anyway where I am a firm believer in the "cuddle factor". There are some fantastic machine quilters out there using domestic machines, long arms and everything in between. Just won't be me, LOL.

So the binding will get done by Saturday on the Heartstrings top but I am going to enjoy slowing down and taking these stitches. DJ noticed what I was doing and asked me if was hurting my hands. Not really but machine quilting isn't any easier of those bothersome thumbs either or cutting and doing the claw fingers thing. Look at it as exercising the joints. Where is this day going to? It is almost time to think about fixing supper. Didn't we just eat?


  1. I like wearing gloves for machine quilting - the kind with the little rubber nubbins. The only bad part is having to take them off to reposition the quilt, change a bobbin, answer the phone . . .

  2. I haven't hand quilted anything in ages - I never did that much of it but quilted a few by hand.

    I also dislike stiff quilts that are heavily quilted - it's fine for art quilts but not for cuddle quilts.

  3. This may be quilting the slow way, but it sure is pretty! Some hand quilting in those alternate blocks sure adds to this quilt!

  4. What a beauty! And I'm like you--too much quilting is, well, too much! I like that term "cuddle factor"!

  5. Hand quilting is so relaxing isn't it? Looks wonderful Linda! I agree with the too small meandering. I make mine big and loose.

  6. Hand quilting is something that I KNOW I'll never do! But yours is gorgeous! I just LOVE the pattern in the blank block!

  7. Good job! I have a similar heart design (??maybe the same one??) that I love using.

    I am determined to quilt more of my donation quilts...just gotta get in there and make it happen, but...I will in no way be able to keep up with you in the machine quilting department...you are fast fast fast


  8. Hi Linda, what fun to be able to sit and quilt in those snowballs..*VBS* And I personally like the combination of methods, part can be handquilted and part tied, or partly machine quilted. Or maybe one justs goes back and quilts a couple of hearts or flowers or scottie dogs in an unexpected place.
    I sometimes will deliberately quilt several small random circles into a quilt that is ALL straight line quilting..playful I guess..but it makes me smile.
    Yes, I really do miss the days of sitting for hours and quilting by hand. If I could see better I would still be doing more handquilting. Pretty much everything is causing eye pain and stain these days.
    Glad the Ohio Stars worked out so well. I have more 'stuff' to send, jus need a little time to get it together...I know your new club year will be starting up again soon after the boys ranch quilts are deliveder. Hugs, Finn

  9. gorgeous hand quilting my friend!


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