quilt display--overview


  1. Thanks for sharing these pictures! This is my favorite quilt show of all time! ALL quilts are going to charitable causes! What a wonderful display of colour! My favorite picture is the very last one looking from the back of the church to the front--it is as though all the quilters who made those lovely quilts are present in that church. Well done!

  2. Wow Linda,
    This is a wonderful show- it is powerful gift that you have given of yourselves. It is nice that you are able to give them to charity.
    Regards from a Western Canadian quilter,

  3. Wow - inspirational in SO many ways! What a lovely setting for a quilt show! Thanks for sharing these pictures! -- Joan

  4. What a sight! Wonderful! Good job on all your groups' hard work!

  5. I will repeat what NOrma says - looks like all the quilt-makers just sitting there. Incredible display of wonderful quilt. So many ideas, from simple to advanced can be gleaned from this display. Those gals deserve a hand!

  6. Alway quite an impressive display Linda...all the ladies must be so proud that you can help like this!


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