Jul 21, 2007

Saturday doings

My latest completion---the beetle quilt. I went over to the church after I walked yesterday to re-pin this top. I want to hand quilt the motif I had marked in the alternating square and after the fact, discovered that the backing I had used was much too high of a thread count to be able to needle it. I'll save that for another machine quilted piece as I have more yardage in case the quilt is over-sized a bit. I knew that there were some nice floral fabrics in the donation bin that my mom had sent back with me so I snapped up a peach colored one that should work out fine.

Ginny had completed the quilting on the Heartstrings top the group made while her two young daughters were at day camp. Interruptions at home made her afraid she would not get binding finished in time for the quilt display next weekend so they ran it by for me to bring home to work on. May have pictures of that one in a day or two.

Shortly after lunch the power went off and stayed off for 5 hours. DJ and I left to get a sandwich for supper since cooking was out. The power company had indicated on the phone that a tree had fallen on the lines somewhere and it might be 7 before we might have power resumed. ( Somewhere in the half hour we were gone it came back on earlier than their estimate. ) We had a pretty good band of thunderstorms and rainfall totals through all that. Fortunately that kept the temps down enough to open the windows and doors because fans and a/c were out. Sewing and playing on the computer were out, binding and any other handwork was too since it was too dark so I read for a bit but could not get into the book, took a little nap, considered going somewhere once the rain cleared up but where? I was bored out of mind. That happens so rarely.

Pippi's labs had shown some slight improvement for which I am grateful. Holding her own in that department though I guess she will have to go back for monthly checks from here on. They took her back for the blood draw and then had us wait out in the reception area for the results so she didn't have to stay all day this time. Next time I'll take a book or handwork with us. Won't help Pippi much but it will me, LOL. She didn't mind being in that carrier near as much when some large dogs came in to be boarded.

Today, a little laundry, walking is done and a couple of errands run, will have to come up with two meals since there are no leftovers except that Blueberry pudding cake. Now, I'll hit that binding--more blog fodder, after all.


  1. That's a great looking quilt. I love the pattern possibilities. Sounds like it was an odd day, with weather maybe being the culprit?

  2. Love your quilt! And good stash shopping for the backing!

  3. Poor Pippi, Pixel still isn't the same after her time at the vets. Hopefully she will continue to get better and her visits will spread out.

    Quilts are looking good!

  4. That is good news about Pippi. It is nice to hear there is improvement. I can just imagine you with no power--you would be restless to work on quilting after being without power for that long! It is amazing how much we depend on power to do the things we love!

  5. like how your version turned out! it is a great pattern, after all. what a pain in the patoo to lose power for so long-it did get you out of cooking however.


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