Dec 21, 2007

can I still call myself a quilter?

Well, there is not a speck of quilting or sewing going on around here--can I still call myself a quilter? No stashbusting, no cutting, no quilting that quilt that has been waiting for a month. Early this week I twisted my ankle while on my daily walk. Not the first or last time I will do that to my notoriously weak ankle but fortunately, no bruising or swelling so I have been able to continue with my routine after laying off just one day. BUT it has bothered me to get up and down on my foot initially; once up and moving, I don't notice it. Also it hurts to depress the gas pedal so I figured the sewing machine pedal would be the same.

I have been tracking down and printing off heart block patterns for the row quilt that will need to be tended to, sore ankle or not. I found a file I had of heart links needed updating and augmenting as I worked. Also backed up my saved quilt files and pdf's. That's just planning for the future, not sewing. In my search I tracked down a few patterns for purchase (my husband just lets me do the "spend down" thing for Christmas though there is one package I can open that will be a surprise---easier for him and I get what I want) I also found a couple of patterns that will work well for donation quilt work--still, planning for the future with that, not putting it into practice. The large piece of fabric that you see at left is one that my mom sent as a challenge piece for her and I---maybe the Polar Opposites pattern I found on the South Sea Import Fabrics page would work along with some of the fabrics I used in my version of Merkitty challenge. Now that WOULD be stashbusting when I get around to working on it.

So what's up around here? A lot of knitting actually. My long ago knitting UFO, the collar to be specific. I did the binding off stitches on 6 inches of ribbing for a roll collar first thing yesterday morning. If I were hoping to avoid this "antiquing" any further, I would finish sewing all these pieces together. But will I anytime soon? I love doing Aran patterns and love to knit. Finishing? Not so much. (Note Pippi in her perch all scrunched up by the drafty window--also note the cleaned off dresser so I could put up the ceramic Christmas tree Mom made years ago. All the pinned quilts are stuffed up in my closet for now)

I've been itching to start the new cardigan pattern for a week or two and postponing that desire while I worked on the collar. The pattern I ordered just arrived, the larger double point needles I will need for the sleeves are here and the yarn has been purchased weeks ago so let's have fun for one day anyway!! Can't sew or don't want to sew enough to try it?? Row quilt deadline is the end of the month.

You work this raglan sleeved sweater from the neck on down so I got about 8 rows down from the neck front by bedtime last night. I'm a redhead so I think that the fall colors will look pretty good with my hair plus go with some of my clothing. I tried a "new to me "cast on method by chaining on from a crochet hook rather than the method I learned umpteen years ago. (Mom taught me how to knit when I was almost 13--some 40 years ago) The Denise Interchangeable Knitting needle set was a gift from my parents in my teens or 20's --one the best things I have ever received from anyone. (The computer in 98 from my husband wasn't bad either, LOL. ) Needed, used and will never wear out. (NAYY of course)

As I looked for the link myself sometime back to order replacement needle tips , I found out that they make these in pink now and a portion of the funds go to breast cancer research. Mine is the original blue and replacement cords are not the same color, but that's no biggie. Still fits and works the same as mine. The story of how this present company owners came to the business is fun to read--a search for replacement parts from the original owners found that the business was for sale. They loved the product enough to buy it and become the family business for the last 5 years.

Christmas will be here before we know it. Are you ready? The house is all decorated, the little bit of shopping I did is done, cards are all sent. No holiday baking going on with my watching my food intake but I may mak DJ a pie for Christmas Day and we will indulge in an egg nog latte---only one though. I came home with a bag of Hershey's Almond Kisses when I went for a hair cut at Wally World this morning and DJ asked "should you be eating those?" I told him that I can eat what ever I want but I am chosing to watch it, the doctor did not put me on a diet. I also said that they are small--the ultimate in portion control. A serving size is considered 9 of them but I am sure not doing that!

We will probably go out to see the Christmas lights this evening if the rain holds off but other than that---it is quiet and just us three chickens rambling around the house as usual. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, whatever fits at your house------


  1. Sounds like you are plenty busy enough - sore ankle and all. Stealing one of my husbands comments, I'll change it to "after all, one can't quilt 365 days a year!" He says that about golfing - I always reply about how it's fun to try. Same with quilting! Anyway, I adore you yarn for the new sweater - fall colors are my most favorite. Unfortunately I can't wear them - maybe that's why I love to use them in quilts!

    Have a very wonderful Christmas!

  2. I love that challenge fabric--animals driving cars! I think the pattern you chose is an excellent choice as it will preserve the scene and the quilt will not loose its humor--afer all if you cut up the pieces too small, those animals riding in those cars will not be apparent and the fun will be lost. The sweater looks great so far--amazing work! I hope you are soon able to put the pedal to the metal again and join us in the quilting world!

  3. It can't be all quilting all the time - sounds like a lot of things happening . . . so yes, I'd say you are a quilter *s*

  4. Definitely! You'll always be a quilter! Take the time to care for the ankle!

  5. of course you are! a little change of pace is always a good thing-I actually did some knitting on my tote bag too! once Carol reprinted the pattern for idea where my pattern disappeared to! good thing I was not too far along and could figure it out.

  6. Hope your ankle is soon healed. Looks like you've been keeping yourself busy :)

  7. oh, I had to leave a comment about your knitting project. I think that's the exact same sweater I made (finished) for myself last year. I started it about 3 years ago, and it sat on my coffee table for about a year while I was in a "I can't bear to pick it up" stage. Luckly I lost some weight, and when I did finish the sweater, it fit! I made my sweater out of grey Briggs and Little Wool. In the last 10 years, I only do Aran style knits. Your project looks great... and inspiring.


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