Dec 12, 2007

post 2 of 2--Challenge quilts continued

continued from earlier post----

Linda S showing her quilt called she named "Bubbles". The Merkitties print had small bubbles in the print. Linda has made several quilts that incorporate ragging techniques. She also shared two quilts that will be given as Christmas gifts. I have pics of those as well but will save them for another post.

Jane and Sarah (her mom) teamed up for this top which I may have posted on the blog before. The "rule" was that I needed to see at least a square inch of kitty fabric. It meets the criteria--third row, 1st block on the left. I think this one is a bit like an "I spy" with fun things and various blocks incorporated into the quilt.

Another Jane and Sarah quilt but this time with larger sections of kitty fabric. I love the pink and green frog print that she used. The pink tone on tone is the same print I used in my quilt top, actually. Since it was used on a previous quilt back, Sarah may have used the cutaways from that in this top. I'll have to ask her. She is a whiz on not letting bits and pieces of fabric OR batting go to waste.

I may have posted this one before as well. My mom made this one and mailed it down to me several months back. Not sure of the pattern source but I love this idea of framing a focus fabric like this. When she reads this, she will let me know if there is some spot to direct you to or if it was her own design.

And bringing up the rear, here is my top. Pattern: Jacob's Elevator from Trudie Hughes Crib Quilts though I made modifications as I have written about in previous posts. This was a "stashbuster" quilt though the blue Moda Marble was purchased specifically for the project. Having only a half yard of challenge fabric to work with and it was fussy cut at that, I needed more of a blue as close as I could come to it. The pink was leftover from a quilt back. My cream on cream background and the lime green leaf print were pulled off the shelf. I used the same background fabric for a recent row quilt and just barely had enough to eke out the top and I almost had to piece some of it together to be sure I had enough. Don't look too close at the points where they join--I can do better.

One of the girls said that we should learn how to make this one. I thought about that last night a bit (one of those nights where I was awake for about 2-3 hrs in the middle of it) Since there are 3 or 4 divisions of block components rather than true blocks, we could do this as a non-mystery, mystery next year rather than "block of the month" thing. One month, make 48 four patches and the next month, puss in the corners and so on. Think it might work out. I'll run it by them and let them make their fabric selections if interested. Also, it should take us up to time to do another challenge!

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  1. More lovely challenge quilts! What a diverse group of quilters! I am still impressed with your mother's version. She is very clever to shocase the print as one large piece when it is as cute as the merkitties are. I love how she brought the kitties out into the rest of the quilt by reintroducing in one of the borders. You did a fabulous job of matching the colours in the merkitty fabric itself. I just love that green! And what a perfect balance of dark and light colours. You and your mother are very talented!


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