Dec 10, 2007

Monday, Monday.......

Hurray! My challenge quilt top is finished as of last evening when I finished the borders. My piecing abilities were sorely tested on this one with lots of points to match where the geese points and square in a square met. Challenging mostly because the flying geese were just a hair off in size but I was beginning to wonder if I could piece a 4 patch correctly too. *SIGH* Lots of un-sewing and realignment attempts. You try to do your best work on any project and I know I can do better. Be kind when you see the pics, please? I want to post the challenge quilts as a group after our party tomorrow.

So instead, here is Pippi thinking that she can get up on the shelf where she used to squeeze on top of those three baskets. Sorry, Kitty, that ship has sailed, LOL. It was all cleaned off that she could have gotten on any of them when she wasn't interested in climbing up there. Obviously, the quilt shop yard sales and such have filled it all in again and some serious stash busting will be needed. (Finn, your quilt top is up there as I tracked down the print I need for a border from my stash---it will be one of the first ones pinned for 08) She thought she MIGHT park on the sweater parts instead but moved on. I really need to dust and just generally clean house but it will wait a day or two.

Mostly I have been busy piecing my quilt top since I last posted. DJ is waiting for a haircut, more sandwiches for lunch to spare the cooking time and so forth. I got my walking in this morning followed by 7 other stops to run errands.

Now I'm headed to the kitchen to make my contributions to the Christmas potluck--pecan pie squares and a layered pumpkin dessert that sounded interesting. The heck with watching calories for one day anyway.

Pam wanted to see a picture of our tree. I like the white lights and DJ put on the little red bows. I don't think you will be able to see the ornaments necessarily---we have several ceramic mice and snowmen/snowwomen ones that my mom made years ago that HAVE to go on the tree. Some soft ones are down on the bottom if Pippi wants to bat at them but mostly she has just ignored the whole deal. Time was, she would run off with a different soft ornament and I would find them laying in the hallway when I got up in the morning. (Like delivering dead critters to her mama, I guess, but only getting half way there with the spoils?) The tree skirt was made by my mom too.

I have hopes of starting my Christmas cards today too---DJ mailed all his days ago, LOL--while I was sewing. Just to boost my sewing confidence I want to finish up my triple rail top this week followed by quilting the last WTIL top for 07. I'll do a few rows on the sweater neckband along the way too--pickup work. A row robin obligation (hearts of some form or another) will follow and then the commissioned t-shirt quilt to prep and piece. That's the plan at this point.


  1. Cute tree! And spoiled Pippi to have her own special ornaments to play with should she decide to do so.

    Hooray for getting the challenge quilt top done...whoo hoo!! good job!


  2. Pumpkin pie squares sounds like a little bit of heaven. Care to share the recipe?

  3. hurray for meeting that deadline and seeing it done. Have a wonderful time!

  4. The tree looks wonderful! I put all the hard plastic balls and decoupage balls on the bottom so they can't really get their mouths on them. Anything plastic works for us!

  5. Darling tree - they bring such wonderful memories to our homes. Oh and that 'paw stocking' it just too cute *s*

  6. Your tree looks just lovely. I bet it's nice to have one after doing without the last few years.


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