Jul 11, 2009

checking back in

Yesterday I had a fun day with several of the Belles on a little field trip. They were having a 25% off everything in the store at Heart to Heart in Trussville (AL) excluding machine quilting. Lots of tempting fabric and in fact, I had to talk myself out of buying a collection of "Objects of Desire" fat quarters. I'm going to need some spending money for my trip to Oregon next month so I settled for this little bag you see. The bags measure 6 x 9 and for 5 bucks you could stuff as much fabric from a pile of bolt ends etc as you could get in there but the ziploc part MUST seal.

My selections might be a little boring but all in all, there is about 3 yards of fabric in the bag. All but one piece was WOF and measured 9 inches to 17 in length. I needed the white on white for a block I needed to make. The blue is a nice moda marble that could be used for sky in a realistic block. Yellow, well I seldom pass those over, but it might be a purse lining at some point. Three pieces of black on white---one says meow with paws, a second has only paws--good for the cat collection. One piece was obviously a backing cutaway but a nice cream on cream about 6 inches wide. I'm happy with my selections. Can't argue with the price. I also ran down to Sew Bizz which is a few doors down in the strip mall to get some bobbins for my Brother machine.

We went to the Chocolate Biscuit tearoom for lunch. One of the girls had not been there before so the rest of us were suggesting their salad plate. LOL, one of the salads is that yummy broccoli salad which I know her husband doesn't care for so she sometimes makes a batch when we have a potluck lunch. Since I will be out of state when my birthday comes around, I was treated to lunch. ( Thanks, Jane!!) Actually all 4 of us have summer birthdays and Jane's is the first in the series--we should have gotten HER lunch! Tasty food and good company.

I put that white on white fabric to use last evening and made my own friendship block using that funky pink print again. Lots of colors that the FABS can play off ---purple, hot pink, green. If I need another block for whatever set I chose I'll do that later. The sections above will be part of Pam's quilt-let--she requested her beloved Mary Engelbreit fabrics and plans on hanging it in her kitchen display spot. House block for Norma remains a project in mind but I am pretty sure I know what I am going to do though it needs to be re-sized first.

Today's project (beyond a few household duties this morning) was to get the sleeve on the FAB challenge quilt that Cher made for me a few months back. A run to Wal-mart for the rod and some cup hooks plus DJ's help got the quilt hung. Well, Skyler thought he could lend his assistance as well but mostly he wanted to play under the wallhanging when we were taking it up and down to hang the rod, LOL. Sometimes he walks atop the headboard so it might be safe from his playing with it yet. It looks like it was made for that spot, doesn't it? I should consider changing it out for each season.

The other goal was remodel my recently purchased pillow. It was far too plump to suit me and showed no signs of mashing down. I pulled out a grocery bag full of fiberfill and will give it a whirl.

Not sure what crafty thing I will work on tonight--maybe nothing. At some point I will have a pile of donation quilts to quilt but with my preferred machine for that job in the shop, that stuff will wait. The house block first and I think maybe the fusible applique on the July "Be Attitudes" after that. I would like to get back to my version of "Cheap Trick" last seen HERE --sounds like I just decided my week's goals in the sewing department.

Hope you have had an enjoyable weekend in whatever you chose to do------


  1. Hello Linda,
    I found your blog a couple of weeks ago and have been enjoying it since. Especially seeing any quilts you have done. I will be back to see you soon Animal Lover
    Quilt Lover

  2. I really like that pink/white block, what a nice variation. Glad you had a good lunch and what a perfect name for a tearoom - The Chocolate Biscuit! Yummy.

  3. What a bargain that bag of fabric was!

    I love how that quilt that Cher made looks up above the bed! What an appropriate quilt for the weather you have been having lately!

    I love the look of the friendship block you made. That random size square fabric is fabulous. I can see where it would go with many other fabrics. Excellent choice.

    I think you are ahead of everyone when it comes to getting your friendship blocks done--way to go!


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