Jul 14, 2009


He is sitting up on the desk for some reason but what? I don't know, LOL. He has given up on puffballs and wants to play but with what? I don't know that either. Silly boy! Looks like he is giving me the stink eye. Normally he just walks towards the camera when he hears it power up.

Here is the last of the friendship blocks for the FAB retreat. Norma requested house blocks any size, technique and color for her block. I kept coming back to this link from the Mary Engelbreit site for a hot pad. Cute and folk arty but I needed a bigger image so re-sized it on the computer. Somewhere along the line I probably flipped the image too as the fireplace and door wound up on the opposite side of the block. I had fun digging around in my fabrics for the block. I prepped the block on Sunday so I had some handwork for the Bama Belles meeting yesterday.

All the pieces but the windows were prepped with starch and templar methods. The round pieces like yo-yo's but I prepped the leaves and fireplace top the same way. The two windows were fused as I could think of no easier way to deal with the panes of glass areas. Since the machine I like to use for buttonhole applique is in the shop I did that part with two strands of black embroidery floss by hand. A little tough slogging on those windows. I was afraid of the blue shadowing through the light house fabric so backed it with interfacing so there are multiple layers of fusible stuff with 4-5 layers of fabric. My needle pushing fingers feel like it but I love to do hand work or would not have chosen an applique project for Norma. I didn't trim it down to any certain size. She can do that if she wants to make it fit her future design when she includes the other blocks made for her. I might be the only one who appliques so it would be easier to alter mine if it needs it.

Great news too! Pat sent word that she has her plane, hotel and rental car all arranged for the trip next month. NOW its official and 3 weeks to go! Woohoo. FABS plus 2 is gonna happen.

Not much else going on around here. I took the day off from walking when I awoke with a horrid headache after a rather sleepless night. Essentially stayed home and stitched on the block today. Will probably watch at the least the start of the MLB All Star game tonight and read a bit after that. Get up and start it all over again tomorrow.

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  1. Wow! Norma is going otlove that block! It's awesome :)


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