Jul 10, 2009

some sewing 'round here

I got some sewing done for the first time since the 29th of June yesterday working on a couple of friendship blocks for the FAB retreat. Two of the girls requested wonky blocks and while it is not my "thing", I did as requested as I am a friend after all. They may not be all that nuts about MY choice as it involves HSTs.

Cher's wonky house with instructions from Tonya's tutorial. I wasn't sure if you were just supposed to cut it with scissors or NOT sew a 1/4 inch seam but this is about as "wonky" as I could make myself do it. The window area is too small and down too low if you ask me as I put that piece above the door all the way across. I guess with this form of piecing there is no right or wrong though. IIWII.

The door color is off in the photo---it is a hot pink/fuschia. Cher bought some of the funky pink piece for me years ago on a visit to Alabama. Some will go back to live at her house now. The raspberry stripe was a bonus from an online quilt shop purchase and had been stuck on my bulletin board for some time so I thought Cher, who loves color and brights would appreciate it. Measures 11.5 inches square.

Next up is a block for Pat who wanted yellow backgrounds and blue wonky stars. She directed us to a tutorial HERE . Actually I had an easier time on this one being more spontaneous and I did this block first. I love that Moda Marble dot I used.

I am waiting for a bit of Mary Engelbreit fabric to come to make Pam's requested block section. She and I are using the same traditional friendship quilt block but in different sizes and different ways. I do need to make one of my own though. I am considering what house block to do to fulfill Norma's request.

One more pic before I close---I need to quickly hop in the shower as I am going to the Trussville quilt shop with the girls soon. Skyler had a visitor yesterday. Chico was rolling all around the doormat on the other side of the glass and Skyler was trying to get closer and be friendly. I think Chico would make two of my little guy, LOL.


  1. Very nice job on the *wonky*! both blocks look great :)

  2. Given that "wonky" is not really your style, you have done a fabulous job!

    Skyler is really trying to get the attention of Chico. He reminds me so much of Joey and the antics he goes through when he sees Rambo outside. Goofy cats!

  3. I really like that wonky house.I love the colors.That kitty is so cute. I get a kick out of seeing your cats. I miss having a cat in the house but I can't with two chihuahua's.


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