Oct 15, 2009

WIP Thursday

I should be machine quilting but...........

These 3-D bow tie blocks are more to my liking at the moment. Just some simple mindless sewing until I have to finish up the center seams. The shoe box sized container is full of 3 1/2 inch squares gleaned from my scrap bags. I don't know if I want 24 blocks for an on point set or 35 for straight set but either way a quilt -- more like, quilts, plural--- is hiding in that container. I'll set the whole deal aside till our next meeting date soon enough and the Jem will go back to the car trunk. In the meantime, just for today, I am enjoying these bright colors on a grim, rainy day and keep playing.

And speaking of rain, we heard on the news in early October that we had already reached our annual rainfall totals with three months to go. I don't know how much we have exceeded that total but it seems like it has been raining or looking like it might for weeks now.

Related to all the wet ground, we have found out that there is a termite problem in the master bedroom area. DJ had moved something around in the bedroom or he might not have spotted it for awhile. The guy that came out yesterday said that the bugs eat the glue in the paper on the drywall or some such thing. The paper on the drywall lifted off easily and the plaster-y stuff was disintegrating so a patching job will be required at some point. BUT as far as instituting a treatment plan, it is far too wet in the foundation and crawl space with all this rain. It is possible that they may have to install some sort of a drain to get the water out. I am just going by what the guy told DJ and DJ relayed to me. The joy's of home ownership--sarcasm intended. This is as wonderful a deal as when the ants zapped out the air conditioner unit going over the moisture that collects there in one of our recent drought years. Can you say "ka-ching" ? SIGH.


  1. sorry to hear about your termite problem~they can be real pests!

    thanks for sharing the bow tie link~that one is on my *someday* list!

  2. Aren't you just the picture of organization with your squares all pre-cut and just waiting for you to make them into blocks! LOL

    I totally understand wanting to do something fun--I have been feeling the same way lately!

    Sorry about the termite issues. It always seems like there is something around the house to take some of that hard earned cash away from us. But better to find out about them now, rather than later when they do even more damaage.

  3. Glad you caught the termite issue early - they can toil away completely hidden until you have to do some major repairs.

    The 3-D bow tie blocks are neat but I'm trying to figure out how to quilt the blocks with that floppy center.

    Last month we had almost three times the normal rain and so far this month we've gotten about 150% of the normal rain - and we've got more forecast for next week. We're floating away too.


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