Oct 2, 2009

what I forgot to say

I knew I was forgetting to add something to my last post regarding our little field trip on Wednesday.

When we go to Out of the Box Susan and Joan usually share some of the tops either they have been working on or some that their clients are. This time was no exception. I wish that I had had my camera with me as I don't know if I can explain this very well. They had one of the large, long quilts made to look like a flag. From my understanding of what they told us, it was one of 6 made in rememberance of 911. One is destined to go to Pennsylvania, one to the Pentagon, another to NY (Ground Zero?), one to the firefighters---don't know about the remaining two. Each of the stars on the blue section contained a small cross stitch square but what would be the white stripes was comprised on what I approximate to be 6 inch cross stitched squares on white aida or fabric. The girls said the blocks were from all over the world. The reason Susan had it was she had been asked to quilt around the star section.

Something else I wanted to share was prompted by a reminder in the "Escapes" Section of our local newspaper. The Gee's Bend Quilt have come back to Alabama after touring for 5 years and will be shown at our local Berman Museum for a two month period starting tomorrow. You can read about the museum itself and the exhibit HERE I think that there is an exhibition planned next month of works from other artisans and crafters. Can't recall the contents of the email we got a few months back.

So pictureless post, sorry. Not much sewing going on either in spite of my best intentions. DJ finally got some touch up paint so some spots in the sewing room and bedroom got treated to his ministrations. Unfortunately that meant moving things out of the way and right into MY path. Two days in a row since he missed a couple spots I had pointed out. Maybe after lunch........

Hope that you have a good weekend in whatever you chose to do.

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