Sep 30, 2009

WIP Weds

Another installment of WIP Weds---another week gone and about to switch the calendar over to another month already!

So what am I doing this week? LOL, same thing as last week actually but a little further along. I had decided that I want my Strip Twist quilt to be an 11 x 12 set (8 inch finished blocks) for a quilt that finishes about the size of my Scrappy Bargello as that is working well. I need just a touch more length to go over the pillows though.

As of last night, I had 96 blocks done and 36 more to go. I had purchased 4 more fabrics in the Hearth and Home fabrics so looks like 9 blocks of ea. one. My goal is to have these finished up by week's end. I plan to start with the strip sets during game listening time tonight.

The flimsy assembly will probably wait as I think I need to get started machine quilting on the donation stack which numbers 8 at the moment. 2 of them are my own. I know of about 4 more to be pinned as Linda C has been a busy, busy girl, LOL. More for the stack, in other words! Most are simple zoom lines, stitch in the ditch so should not take too long. Then I will have binding for the quilt group volunteers to work on. Also Marilyn has asked me to quilt up a couple small tops sometime in the coming month. There is also a possibility of another t-shirt commissioned top, I have found out.

The other stack you see on the table above is my FAB friendship quilt. I need to mark the off squares and the setting triangles. I had ordered a couple of stencils from the Stencil Company since I would like to hand quilt that stuff and I hope one of these will work in those areas. Good for a stand up job. (I will stitch in the ditch on the blocks themselves). I hope to get this one pinned at our next meeting as well.

Earlier in the week Lois had called me about making that run up to Boaz and the long arm quilter at Out of the Box. You may recall that we had planned to go a couple weeks ago but that fell through at the time. BUT Lois got her name put on Susan's list of quilts but the poor girl is really covered up with the influx of quilt show entries and ones destined to be Christmas gifts. There was not as big rush to get it up to Susan for that reason. Beverly was able to get away today too.

Here are my day's purchases then. I found a nice rich brown and that middle chunk of yardage on the left was on sale as a flat fold but will work great for part of the backing on the Strip Twist at Out of the Box as it measured out at 6 yards. Perfect! I plan on using any leftover Hearth and Home yardage that is not destined to be binding to get the backing up to the extra required width (8-10 inches over the two widths of yardage)

Next we ran over to Wilson's Discount Fabrics. There I found the lighter plaid that I will work into the mix for that Strip Twist back. I also found a background cream on cream for background for the Atkinson Design's that Norma and I have been talking about doing for several months. The other two 30's repros will be used in the place of the green and yellow posie areas of the design chain. We ran into a woman from the JOY group that Lois and Beverly both knew at the shop. I asked if she wanted to join us for lunch at the Mill Street Deli as it was our next stop but turned out her husband was waiting for her in the car.

I picked up the little striped bundle of 4 fats at Hobby Lobby as we stopped in Gadsden on the way back to Calhoun County. I want to try Robbie's "4 Fats and All That" purse pattern that I got the quilt show. A little coordinated set should work fine to test it out. Only 5 bucks so not much lost if I don't like the process or goof it up in some manner.

We have had a couple of cool nights and gorgeous days, low humidity levels. The internal house temperature is down in the high 60's instead of high 70's/low 80's that I find so miserable. Last night was the first time I have slept without the ceiling fan on in months and months. I had the window cracked even though our thermometer registered mid 40's at daybreak and had a quilt pulled up. Gotta love it! What's more, I do not even want to hear "we need to turn on the furnace" come out of DJ's mouth till the daytime temps get down in the 50's and stay there. Get a blanket or put on a sweater if you are cold! I did switch the fall/winter wardrobe to the forefront this morning and put most of the shorts outfits and sandals away. Watch it get up in the 80's again, LOL. Not much sign of leaves changing color at least where I live yet but fall is here.

Hope you have had a good day in your neck of the woods and thanks for stopping by---------

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  1. Sounds like you had a fun shopping trip with your friends!


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