Sep 1, 2009

WIP Tuesday

Yeah, I know---a day early with the progress report post. DJ has plans for me tomorrow but more on that later.

I have been sewing off and on for the last couple days on the strip sets for my version of Strip Twist. I elected to keep the center squares and "arms" the same throughout the blocks. I am NOT following the directions in the pattern but that is my choice. My decision to go this route is sort of backfiring as my sections are cut a 1/4 inch bigger and then I can't quite get out enough cuts from the fat quarter strips that were in the kit-- close but no cigar. I may need to get some more of the Hearth and Home fabric depending on how many blocks I am able to squeeze out for the top. I am thinking I need a bit more green in the mix anyway. Some unsewing and creative re-piecing and/or fudging the pieces that are "oh so close" will probably be in order as well. If it worked for our quilting foremothers, it will work for me too.

As I work I have been listening to either Gameday Audio and listening to the Cardinals play ball or listening to the e-audiobooks offered through our local library system. Woohoo on the baseball games--out in front by 10.5 games as of this morning so maybe a chance at the post season? It helps to pass the time to listen to this stuff especially when doing the rather boring strip work. The blocks themselves will be more fun and get me closer to a top. I am shooting for bedsized if possible--90 blocks.

Skyler cracked me up with the way he was laying on the couch yesterday. Lately he has been started to lay on his back with the belly up and inviting some pets. The fact that he would allow belly rubs just showed how wiped out he was from his maniac running earlier in the day.

My baking adventures continue. I made a batch of gorditas last week that turned out quite well. I used a tutorial and recipe from the King Arthur blog Baker's Banter but there is a printable recipe for "Caesar Grilled Chicken of Soft Wrap Bread" HERE. DJ who doesn't have a clue what I am doing in the kitchen most of the time could not believe that I made the bread myself even though I had been in and out of there a good bit of the morning, LOL. (I used a rotis chicken and bought the caesar dressing this time around)

The week before I had tried to make a whole wheat pizza crust from Taste of Home found HERE. I believe that I had a problem with the yeast---not the fault of the recipe, just the user. It was taking so long to rise that I panicked and made an different recipe to use. DJ had cautioned me not to try another recipe as "mess with a working monkey". Finally it got to the point where I could punch it down but of course, we didn't need a 2nd batch of dough then. Not having any directions as to what to do at that point, I threw it in the freezer in a greased bag. I thawed it in the fridge overnight and fixed it yesterday. Much to my surprise, it worked! Nice taste to the crust too. DJ is always telling me how much he likes my homemade pizza and he doesn't know why I am not more confident about it. Ah, maybe because I am trying to learn a new skill and I don't want to ruin dinner??

One of the local hardware stores had a moonlight madness sale last week with two hours of 20% off prices. DJ and I had talked about getting a ceiling fan for the kitchen which at this point is the only room other than the bathrooms without one. He has been so busy with yard work this summer that I told him this could wait till things slow down for him--a month or two if need be. He wants to get started on it early tomorrow morning and will need my help. I said we should wait till we know the hardware stores are open. I know from past experience that inevitably we will need something we don't have on hand. The biggest thing is we are dealing with a vaulted ceiling and a drop rod.

Since I have sat down to write this note he got a phone call from his golfing friend from IL. Looks like they will be here late Tuesday and plan on golfing Weds and Thursday. Labor Day will be just that----cleaning the house up. Shortly after that call on old friend who now lives in NJ also called---old home week, I guess.

That's about it for me-----off to cut some strip sets.


  1. I have a ceiling fan in the kitchen. I have to turn it off when I am cooking on top of the stove because it blows the heat away. Just thought you might want to know.

  2. Just skimming through the posts I haven't usual you are busy and have plenty to keep you busy. Your ST will be beautiful when complete, even if you changed the pattern up a bit.



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