Sep 11, 2009

now back to our regular scheduled programming...........

I tell you, Skyler looks like I feel--worn out and needing a nap or at least a good night's rest. I believe he is going to be happier and more relaxed about things without extra people around. You know how cats notice every little thing out of place? I've got the linens and dishes washed up and back in place. The rooms and their contents are put back in the usual spots. Just DJ and I around. No extra legs to rub on or avoid or shoes to sniff.

DJ's golfing friend and his wife arrived here Tuesday evening. One of their sons live in the Asheville, NC area so they drive on down to see us from there. Rounds of golf were planned for the boys on Wednesday and Thursday. Phyllis stayed back here with me. By the time she got up Weds. morning, I had already walked and was trying a new cinnamon roll recipe. It was a very slow rising recipe so we were able to leave for a time to pick up the down rod we had to order for the ceiling fan. She loves to look at recipes and my cookbooks so she kept me company while we waited for the dough to do its thing. Leftovers for lunch for us and the boys were told NOT to pig out after their round because I was I cooking dinner for us that evening. They obeyed, LOL.

Yesterday Phyllis and I ran a few errands at the Oxford Exchange---mostly because I needed some fabric from Hobby Lobby but we had a couple other stops along the way as well. Out to supper, their treat, last night. Evenings, a lot of yakking and TV viewing and such. DJ has actually known Phyllis longer than Herb as they went to grade school together years and years ago. They were gone by the time I got back from walking this morning on their way down to Columbus, GA to see some other friends. There is a possibility that we will go through all this again in two months time.

We had been without a ceiling fixture since Weds. last week. After fumbling our way through the first step in the fan installation, it did not take us long to figure out that the down rod we had purchased was NOT going to work. We took it back expecting to find what we DID need----wrong! 4 stops later we still had not found one that didn't have threads on both ends. The last two stops they suggested that we go to a lighting store and see if they could help us out. They were able to place an order for the right finish, length and connections for us expecting it in a week to ten days. Whatever it takes.

In the meantime DJ had left the "trouble" light hooked up on the kitchen cabinets in order for us to have any light in the kitchen while we waited for the part to come in. Come to find out, the kitchen light, utility room lights along with the washer and dryer and the living room lamps are all on the same circuit. He had just plugged up the loose wires with wire nuts as once that plate went up correctly we were not taking it down to stick the old light back up!

So as you can see from the picture, we are back in business. DJ needed me to hold the light, confirm which screws went where or read off the directions for confirmation, be the ground girl and hand him tools or get up on the step stool and hold this or that while he attached or wired whatever. We had to make a run for the energy saver candle like base lights in the correct wattage and longer chain pulls. The light works. Fan works. Color me happy! Oh, I know I can't run the fan with my gas stove as it will mess up the burner flame. I can't do that with the box fan either unless I deflect the air flow in some manner.

Even better, I am still talking to my husband, LOL. He said he thinks that any couple thinking about getting married should have to do a job like this and see if they can still get along afterwards. He may have a point there. This was our third ceiling but too long between jobs for us to remember just what is up with it. In between we DID hang a Larsen storm door though.

I have not sewed anything since last Tuesday. I had set aside time to help DJ with the fan and just never got back to it again. I started cleaning my areas on Friday---purging some books and magazines to take to the library for donation really. Really hit my spaces on Sunday afternoon. Monday, the rest of the house and got groceries. Tuesday my quilt group met. I thought if Phyllis had gone to the golf course with the guys as she sometimes does that I would sew a bit but that didn't happen this trip.

SO the fabric store run yesterday was to get some fabrics for the on point setting and borders for my friendship blocks from the FABS. I had asked Michelle and Mayvis to sign a section of WOW so they would be included in the 6th block. I'll whip up the block and cut the setting squares and triangles in a few minutes. Back to strings all over the house. Back to normal, in other words!

Hope things are going well at your home-------


  1. Glad you had a *short and sweet* visit and we able to install the ceiling fan! Your FAB blocks look good all grouped together...wonder where my landed in the sewing room?! lol

  2. What pretty blocks and Skyler is doing just what I needed this afternoon .....

  3. My husband & I built two bedrooms in the basement and stayed married. I thought changing out the ceiling fixture in the living room a couple years ago might be the last straw though!! LOL When you live in a house that was remodeled by an amateur remodeler NOTHING is standard so doing something simple like putting up a new light fixture becomes a real adventure, to say the least. But, we survived & stayed hitched. LOL

  4. I have installed two ceiling fans, so you have my sympathy. (It was miserable.) That looks nice though, and they do help in high-ceiling rooms. My last house had a ceiling fan in the kitchen and all I could think about was the dust that collects on the top of the blades dislodging and floating down into the food! Especially if I was baking something to give away. Not a problem if you're a good housekeeper, but I could never remember to turn off the fan and dust the blades.

  5. what a clever idea for the sixth block and our +2 treasured additions to the retreat.


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