Sep 16, 2009

WIP Weds

I guess this post could be more like "what is on your design wall?" for a Monday. No matter. It IS what I am working on here.

On the design surface that is my sewing room shelving unit hangs my FAB friendship top that I completed this weekend. Part of it is obscured behind the sewing table. I am contemplating what to mark in the plain squares and setting triangles. Crosshatching would be easy enough by machine but I am thinking about a motif for hand quilting which I dearly love to do. That's why it is hanging rather than folded up. I still have to scrounge up something for backing and the binding needs to be pressed and rolled as well before I put it up. I hope to get it pinned next week at our quilt meeting.

I made the purple block on the left 2nd row which has the names of the +2 FABS and found the Diana Leone purple border fabric at Hobby Lobby last week. Purple being the FAB color, it fits. You might be able to tell that I cut the setting triangles larger than I needed (by about 2- 2 1/2 inches) so it floated the design and eliminated the need for a small white border to be sewn to the top. I added the fuschia/hot pink colored flap to the scheme as I thought it needed a bit of a spark between the white and the purple--break it up a little color-wise. I cut that bit a little wider than I normally would in this instance so more color would be seen. I figure it picks up on the colors in the two pink blocks, one of which has that color in it plus the pinkish tones in the border print. Oh, I will be quilting this on the DSM so no worries about it catching in the hopper of a long arm set up.

And here is the other quilt in progress, Strip Twist from G. E. Designs. My FAB retreat project which is not been moved forward much more than pre-Herb and Phyllis visit. The pizza box is loaded with cut sections to be sewn prepped a couple weeks back. The loose pile of blocks on the table are the blocks I managed to get done yesterday afternoon. The yardage, more fabrics to be worked into the mix from the Hearth and Home line. I wanted a couple more greens for the mix and a rusty orange that I did not get with the original kit purchase. The yellow plaid is to replace a strip on some block sections that I had seamed already but I feel looks too noticeable. There is some unsewing ahead there but I will be happier with the result if I do it. The binding for the FAB friendship top is piled up there too.

I was chaining just one fabric grouping through the machine at a time just to keep from mixing sections up. I think I will continue in that manner today. Then I will get 5-6 blocks done at a time before moving on to another stack. At some point I will need to cut into the newly purchased colors but also search out something to replace the light "arms" as apparently that has been discontinued. I only have 3 WOF strips remaining of it and am not sure there is anything in my stash that will "work". And that is how it goes around here in the sewing room.

The rest of my life? Walking this morning (boy, is it muggy lately!) and a few errands after that on the cat's behalf, LOL. After attempting to scrub out the litter pan this morning and not getting anywhere, I just decided it would be easier to run back to the dollar store and get a new one. He was using Pippi's old one which we had for 12 plus years. Maybe not a "green decision" but it was time, more than time.

There is a chance I will run up to Boaz with one of the Belles later this week to drop off a quilt top, maybe go to Wilson's for a look for that phantom replacement fabric? Marilyn has asked me to go the quilt show at the Gadsden museum on Friday afternoon. The JOY quilt guild will be having their first quilt show soon. I have been told it is the same weekend as the Collinsville quilt walk and the Gadsden guild's show. Nothing going on and then everything all at once!

That's it for this installment---thanks for stopping by!


  1. Looks like you have been busy!

    The Friendship Blocks look great in that arrangement and your ST's are progressing nicely!

    Enjoy your time with the Belles and at the Quilt Shows!

  2. I love how the quilt turned out! That border is perfect for a FAB friendship quilt--purple for FABs. I love the idea of adding the hand quilting.

  3. Your Strip Twist blocks are lovely - the right colours for this time of the year. I've put that pattern on my shopping list for a show I'll be going to next month.

  4. Your friendship quilt is adorable; I think hand-quilting is the only answer ;-} I'm enjoying the evolution of your strip twist, too.


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