Sep 17, 2009

change of plans

Just got a call from one of the Belles and it is changing my sewing plans for the day or more likely the rest of the week! Betsy and her husband are with the Gadsden Quilt Guild and the question was "do you have any quilts for the show?" (Next weekend, same as the JOY group's first show. I am not a member of either group but JOY exhibitors have to be member owned or member made. Gadsden doesn't matter)

My first thought was that I had none that had not been shown already and the one possible candidate was in use on my bed. Come to think of it, I have two but one will need a sleeve added and the other one needs binding and a sleeve. (If you read my blog regularly you have already seen and read about these two quilts but if you haven't read HERE and HERE for the stories behind them. I may have even included the pattern sources, LOL).

I threw the bargello in the washer as it was the one on the bed. It has been washed once since I first put it on the bed back in March and trust me, the quilting with those lovely Baptist Fans looks even better than when that picture was taken! (Thanks again, Norma!) Then I headed into the sewing room to cut some sleeve materials and zigged it up for application. The Cheese and Crackers quilt actually will be easier to put the sleeve in since I can sew one side into the top of the raw edge and then hand finish the binding.

You know, that Cheese and Crackers quilt has been waiting since May for me to do the binding. I guess push just came to shove, didn't it? I have been looking at it on my screen saver for months and there seemed to be no big rush to actually finish the thing. Now there is! I'll be the one doing the handwork for several days and Strip Twist goes on the back burner yet again.

And speaking of Strip Twist, yesterday I DID get the extra yardage cut and found a suitable substitute for the light "background" piece in my stash once I got to looking. Always good to shop there first, right? A pile of 10 blocks are partially done. Next week, maybe between all the other stuff on the calendar.


  1. Your "Cheese & Crackers" is gorgeous, but then of course, you've used my favourite fabrics. Skyler looks quite content on it as well.

  2. You are more than welcome, Linda. I love the look of that CNC. It looks like Skyler is enjoying it as well! LOL Quite the model!

  3. The quilting on both of these is beautiful, Linda!

  4. So pretty, and love your quilt model.


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