Sep 26, 2009

quilt shows

I had just started to sew a bit this morning when a little black and white furry fella jumped up on the sewing table and wanted some cuddling. He doesn't do that often so block stitching fell by the wayside for the time being. Before he left, he hopped up on the other table to inspect the sack from one of yesterday's quilt shows and almost got the decorative jute tie removed and chewed on the bag handles a bit, LOL. Nosy, nosy, nosy!

So here are the contents of that bag as shown below:
I won a door prize at the Gadsden (AL) guild's show! The bundle of 17 batik fat quarters was donated by the Quilters Cottage in Cullman who was one of the show vendors. I had a choice between this and a grouping of some neutrals. While at present I would have more use for the beiges, creams and tans, I picked the brightly colored bunch. (After finding a stack of green fat quarters in the donation bin at the meeting the other day, I am considering making a double 4 patch as shown on so those would have come in handy though I have bunches of my own to use). I am planning on seeing if any of the Belles would like to go field tripping up to the shop next month.

The purse pattern (above) is hot off the press from Qwiltz of Bowdon, GA who were vending at the JOY Quilter's show. Robbie had the purse in the picture at the show. It only takes 4 fat quarters and this is a nice sized purse! I was hoping that she had a pattern done up from a cute wallhanging she has hanging in the shop that I had fallen in love with but not yet! I'll keep watching---and asking.

I drove by to the Gadsden show first since I had a couple of errands to do on the way up. They are no longer using a viewer's choice for ribbon selection but rather the show is judged. I didn't know that when I entered my pieces but no matter, as I didn't really expect my work to be awarded one. There were a lot of bed sized quilts which surprised me in a way---some shows there seem to be more lap, wallhangings as we all know those are faster to turn out. I also didn't expect that they would hang and number the donation quilts Betsy had asked me to pack up if the Belles had any to share. No matter there either though I think the makers might have been a little surprised to see them turn up again, LOL.

The quilt below won best of show in addition to a 1st place ribbon made by Edna C of Jacksonville. I believe that this was an original design. It was made as part of a black and white challenge plus one at either the JOY group or Sew What Quilt Shop, not sure of the origins there just that a good many of the group participated. If you click on the link and then the gallery link, it will take you to their facebook album. On page 2 you will find the other entries in this category. Our Betsy made the panda one. I know and maybe the cat got viewer's choice???

I think this was one of Nancy A's quilts but not sure--no printed program to refer back and verify but I thought this was an interesting setting for the stars. Do not know the pattern source

This one I know for sure is Nancy H's quilt. She had displayed at the Golden Springs show earlier this summer but silly me, forgot the camera then! I didn't let that opportunity pass me up this time! Her kitties names are embroidered in the outside border. To the rear of that you see Deb's red quilt. (I know both quilters this shot.) The red one had red quilting stitched in--feathers and such that looked redwork embroidery. No idea of pattern source for either of these though Deb's is a traditional block--Corn and Beans, maybe?

The quilt below was made by fellow Bama Belle, Aline as a gift for her brother Joe. French Braid, unsure of the designer but I know they were giving classes for this at Heart to Heart in Trussville (AL)

My friend Jane was white gloving, Betsy and Gary door hostessing and a couple of other quilters I know were there when I was the show. Jane invited me to have a cup of coffee with them and then next thing I knew it was almost 1! Time flies. I got a bite to eat and then went back south to the other show in Jacksonville.

This was the JOY group's first show and they are holding it this weekend in conjunction with the Mountain Echoes Festival. It poured yesterday and 70% chance of rain this afternoon so I don't know that the weather is going to cooperate much for outdoor festivities.

Below are two quilts I thought were particularly well done. They were using borrowed quilt racks and set it up in long rows in the church gymnasium area maybe a little too close together? I couldn't really back up far enough to get a full shot of many of the quilts, unfortunately and many had to be taken at an angle.

Glenda's basket quilt--possibly done as a BOM at the area quilt shop

Nancy A's Christmas Star. She indicated that she substituted flowers in the center so it could be used more year round.

Here comes that aforementioned rain---almost right on cue, too. Better make sure it is not raining in anywhere.

Have a great weekend in what ever YOU chose to do!


  1. Here's a source for the Cat Quilt pattern - I've had it bookmarked for a really long time and recognised it right away.

    Congratulations on your door prize - wow, that was a generous donation!

  2. Congrats on the door prize and thanks for sharing the quilt shows!

  3. Great little quilt show here! I really like the stars quilt, and the braid. Congrats on the win; I would choose the batiks too.


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