Oct 7, 2009

WIP Weds

I had been busy stitching up Strip Twist blocks over the weekend and made 51 more for a total of 144-8 inch finished blocks. I will put 12 of them on the back to expand the backing surface area. Having reached that goal, I set these aside so I could begin machine quilting some of the tops in the donation quilt pile.

Skyler doesn't seem to mind that this is not quilted yet and is giving it the kitty approval test for softness and cuddle-ability. I took this picture this morning and he is back on it now--12 hrs later, LOL.

DJ and I had a project to do in the kitchen this morning. We have a vaulted ceiling in the kitchen so the space above our cabinets is open. The shelving paper needed to be replaced as we had not done that since we moved in 12 yrs ago. Skyler runs around up there and on the pass through ledge so we knew it needed to be cleaned up. He climbed up on the step stool and I was the ground girl-gopher. Of course, Mr. Nosy had to climb up atop the pass through the closer DJ got to the fridge area. We had to move the fridge out so he could get the stepladder closer to the cabinets. Skyler couldn't plan ahead and could not figure out how to get down with his launching pad moved. Silly boy!

So here we are this afternoon but testing said quilt from the top. That's okay as I needed a break. His other trick to crawl underneath the quilt as he would any bed cover.

I finished up this quilt and tomorrow will do the other one that I made similar to it shown HERE. Monday I was able to quilt two smaller Snuggle Up quilts that Linda C had made. Yesterday was a memorial heart quilt for our friend Joy---actually Theramae had made the top for future needs and it had been waiting in the closet. I still need to seam some binding for it.

Other than that, it has been pretty quiet around here. Not much to report since I haven't been out of the house much in recent days but some weeks are like that--not complaining, just stating fact.


  1. Beautiful fall-colored quilting. I can't wait to see the strip twist put together.

  2. The Strip Twist blocks are looking great .... I just bought the pattern and am looking forward to using it. 188 blocks, wow, I'll be following along as you put them together.

  3. The ST blocks are looking great! and Skylar is looking pretty cozy on your Snuggle Up! quilts :)

  4. Very pretty blocks! I love the colors of fall, don't you?

  5. Nice to have all the strip twist blocks finished! It won't be long now and you will have that top finished.

    It looks like someone likes to be at the center of the action! Silly Skyler. LOL


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