Nov 15, 2009

A finish

Woohoo! All done with the "Be Attitudes" series when I took the last binding stitches on December's and sewed on a little pompom instead of a button. I had them on hand so why not?

I think today will be a hand quilting day, another block on the FAB friendship quilt is the goal. Next up to sew will be to get my queen sized Strip Twist blocks into a flimsy--last seen HERE a month ago. They have been sacked up in stacks waiting for me. Next up to cut, my Bama Belles challenge quilt though I best decide what pattern first! I'm waffling between two ideas but have compatible fabrics pulled so that's a start anyway.

Hope you all have a great day in whatever you chose to do-----


  1. I love the Be Attitudes!

    I am so glad you are going to work on the Strip Twist blocks! I feel guilty dragging you into another project until those blocks are a finished flimsy. At the rate you are moving, we are going to be right on target for the next project: Daisy Chain! Whoooo Hooooo!

  2. Great job on the Be Attitudes! Love the pompom and in your stash too.

    I'm thinking about working on my StripTwist, too! :)

  3. So cute!!! Love the Be Attitudes patterns!! :)

  4. You have done a lovely job on these - they're just beautiful, and cute, too!

  5. Great finishes! Love those patterns! Happy stitchings! 8-)


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