Nov 20, 2009

sometimes just sewng IS the challenge

The sum total of my sewing this week once I finished up the Be Attitudes quiltlets? One seam, just now on a large HST. Some weeks, as I said the title, just sewing can be the challenge.

See that lunch box fabric? What would you do with it if you had a yard cut? It is an older Moda print from 3 Sisters called "Mrs. Nelsons' 2nd Grade" It was given to the group by a WTIL list friend from KY. Kitty gave us enough challenge fabric at one time to take care of 4 years worth of annual challenge. I handed yard cuts of it out month's ago to those who wanted to participate but yet, this is the first year I haven't had a clear cut idea of what I wanted to do. I have looked at my pattern collection, magazine clippings, online for inspiration for this and for the FABS challenge too. For weeks I have basically waffled between two ideas. We like to share the finished tops at our Christmas party meaning I have less than two weeks to get it done. Make a decision already!

I picked Diane Weber from Sew Biz "Picture Perfect" Wednesday I pulled more fabric from the stash and pressed it. I tweaked the design in EQ though. Ms. Weber showed it in a rectangular and a square design but I wanted it a little longer since it will be donated to Wrap Them. Yesterday I cut it out. A bunch of half square triangles are involved. Some, I can use my trusty Triangles on a Roll. I am using my quick quarter ruler to mark most of the larger HSTs but it turns out one print is directional I am going to end up "wasting" the one half of the square and sewing traditionally. Well, nothing really ever goes to waste around, more like re-purposed. I might use that stitch in the ditch stuff to stabilize the seam though as I have never had much luck trying to sew those bias seams by traditional "match 'em up methods". I veer to the left with it seam allowance or the machine eats them. Not pretty! I did cut them oversized though so should be able to trim them down to what they should be.

Want to hear something funny/ironic? I used so little of the challenge fabric plus have some that one of the Belles didn't use on her project that I will probably get a bonus quilt out of it. Chances are, I can use my runner up selection with some of the same fabrics I will use in Picture Perfect. Here is a link to it--- Mahjongg, Anne Wiens' design for Sweetgrass Creative Designs. Doubt I will have it done in time for the party but who knows?

And on the subject of cutting---production is so down around here lately that this is the first time I have used either my newly applied iron quick on my pressing board and the newly replaced 24 x 36 Olfa cutting mat. I remember quilters talking about the smell of the mats but now know first hand what they meant! I don't remember needing to let any of its predecessors are out. Even DJ was walking by the door saying "what's that smell?"

What have I been doing if I am not sewing? Tuesday was the quilt meeting. LOL, I filed some more papers in sheet protectors---patterns and clippings donated by one of the members that were just stacked in a pile where you couldn't really see what was there. Had a nice lunch and visit. Came home to format and print out a postcard to send out to the members with the party particulars. Looked for and mailed off a picture of a "Tennessee Waltz" (combo of Snowball and 54-40 and Fight blocks alternating) that another girl was looking for. Rosa will buy the pattern and the fabric if her granddaughter likes the looks of it but she needed something to show her first. Order prints of the recently turned in quilts.

Wednesday, DJ and I had errands to run and he had me looking for something online once we got home. I have been goofing around in the kitchen baking and/or playing with my mixer or thinking about playing with my mixer by collecting recipes online. (More practice needed with pie crust---just sayin'.) Time just got away with the usual time wasters---solitaire, marbles, yacht and farkle. Next thing I know it is time for bed. Today so far has been more of the same and supper preparation will begin in about an hour. My fault, just not so motivated, I guess.

Well, it is not going to get done just talking about it, it is? How is that for a kick in the patootie? First, ditch the sweater and the tennis shoes I have on--can't sew with sleeves or use that foot pedal with that elevated heel!


  1. Both of the quilts look like a fun choice for the challenge fabric! I'm sure a whoever is gifted the quilt~will love it :)

  2. I'd love to see the Mahjongg quilt when you and Skyler (he does help you sew, doesn't he?)finish it, Linda. I designed that pattern for my National Quilter's Day retreat in 2008, so once it's cut, it can be put together in a day.


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