Jun 9, 2010

WIP Weds wk 23

I'm afraid that this is another one of those weeks where I have marginally gotten anything quilt related done. Borders finally are on my May calendar block but it awaits quilting and hand finishing---a little progress on THAT front.

Norma and I had to postpone starting on our version of Terry Atkinson's Bridge Creek Blossoms until Saturday. At left you see the "kitted up" quilt so I could show Norma the fabrics I would be using.

Cutting this donation quilt and the calendar quilt stuff was Thursday and Friday's project. The jigsaw fabric at the extreme left of the shot is some that my mom passed on to me for this project. It is a directional print so I tried my best to match up the puzzle pieces for the borders. Fortunately the fabric is so busy I don't think you will hardly see the seams but I did want the eye to follow the vertical and horizontal lines without too much jumping around, LOL. The blue tone on tone will be the inner border and binding and also centers for the flowers on at least some of the blocks. In some cases I had to substitute a bright yellow in order to have enough contrast. The other fabrics are the fabric pairings for each blocks. I need 18 blocks for a lap sized quilt so I picked 9 fabric combinations and will make two identical blocks.

Here is where I left off on Sunday. Two blocks are done and a pile of the 3 sections of the blocks awaiting pressing and joining. Other stuff has intervened---errands one day, playing on the computer with new software another. I just didn't feel like it, still another. To be honest, because of some other obligations I have over the next two days it will probably be Saturday before I get back to it. The blocks, I must say, DO go together very quickly if you actually fire up the machine and chain the sections through, LOL.

Today's sewing interruption? So far it has been playing in the kitchen, walking and a bookmobile run . I had decided to make some wrap bread for chicken fajitas for our supper tonight. Well, to be completely honest I wanted them for lunch but forgot how long it took to prepare the bread and I started too late for that. Supper, it is then, LOL. I used THIS recipe from King Arthur Flour and my sister Jan's marinade recipe for the chicken. I grilled it already so the rest of the meal prep will be a snap in comparison to the time I have already put in.

The Rose of Sharon bush is finally blooming so here is its "glamour shot".

We had a passing cloud burst right around lunch time and rain shortened my walk by one lap yesterday morning. I had started the week by ADDING another lap to my routine and maintaining my 6 days out of 7 so I am currently up to 1.9 miles ( 7 laps). I am back to getting up at 5:30 and trying to be on the trail a little after 6 to try to beat the sun from shining thru the trees too much. Poor DJ can hardly keep up with the mowing, weed whacking and kudzu trimming now that we seem to have hit summer weather, even if the calendar says it is about 2 weeks away.

Guess that is about it---maybe some embroidery or go read one of my newly checked out books? I'll find something to keep me busy! Thanks for stopping by.............


  1. Some weeks are just like that~very little quilty progress!

    really?! sewing on Saturday! my stay-cation starts Friday at 6:00am with a drop off at the sirport!

  2. oops! so excited...should read *airport* :)

  3. I hate it when the day job gets in the way of quilting. I have 10 blocks finished and I am looking forwad to making some more of the Bridge Creek Bloosom quilt blocks this weekend. I will be around - quilting between all the other tasks that seem to occupy my time lately.


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